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Staff Members

Kelly Ramirez Headshot
Kelly Ramirez


Antonieta Falconi Headshot
Antonieta Falconi


Emily Wanderer Headshot
Emily Wanderer

Director of Programs

Emily Mooney Headshot
Emily Mooney

Director of Operations and Measurement

Britt Page Headshot
Britt Page

Best For Rhode Island Director

Betsy Santarlasci Headshot
Betsy Santarlasci

Food Initiatives Director

Hailey Bathurst Headshot
Hailey Bathurst

Health and Wellness Initiative Manager

Jenny Pichardo Headshot
Jenny Pichardo

University Initiative Manager

Crystal Rosatti Headshot
Crystal Rosatti

Communications & Hub Manager

Paula Cunanan Headshot
Paula Cunanan

Americorps VISTA

Traci Picard Headshot
Traci Picard

Venture Development Assistant

Preetilata Hashemi Headshot
Preetilata Hashemi

Inclusive Enterprise Development Manager

Sandra Enos Headshot
Sandra Enos

Faculty Fellow

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