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The accelerator made entrepreneurship a much less lonely endeavor for us. We have received encouragement, mentorship, guidance, and connections from several coaches, colleagues and staff. And hopefully we have been able to reciprocate with our areas of proficiency. This generous, open and supportive community that we are lucky to be a part of not only provided us with basic training through the accelerator curriculum, but also allows us to grow in a place where these tools are constantly being applied and these lessons are being learned and relearned. We have not only been able to study these skills to help our idea become reality, but are also living — whether firsthand or vicariously — these experiences and benefiting from this experiential wisdom.

Eric Bai, Technology Lead, TextUp



“This spring we were part of the most recent SEG Accelerator, where, in 12 weeks, we dove deeply into every key element of developing a viable business model and getting ready for raising funding for our enterprise. Each week, through intensive readings, difficult but very useful exercises, critical guidance from our coach and mentors, and probing interchanges with fellow entrepreneurs, we steadily improved our skills and our business models, often with a heavy dose of soul searching. This week, in Quito, Ecuador, I pitched along with 19 other social entrepreneurs to a large group of social investors. We were told that we had the best organized pitch, which made a direct link between business growth and social impact. And that is a direct result of what we learned from the SEG accelerator. Oh yes, we are following up with 4 investors who I hope liked what they heard.”

Peter Pinchot, President, EcoMadera



“Through my work with Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG) I got a crash course in business sense and that was just the tip of the iceberg as SEG mentors continue to answer my emails, review my slide deck, and offer me advice, support, and congratulations at every turn. It is priceless to have a community behind your efforts. I know that wherever I go, SEG is there to support me should I have a question or need counsel. It is a form of insurance that I value above all else.”

Shawn Rubin, Founder & CEO, Metryx



“Social Enterprise Greenhouse provides a fast track pass to the growing set of  people with the skills to advise and support social enterprise in the state of Rhode  Island.”

 Meg Wirth, Founder, & Director, Maternova




“When Capital Good Fund first started working with Social Enterprise Greenhouse, we were still struggling to take a really good idea to the next level: implementation.  Now, three years later, we have grown leaps and bounds and our growth trajectory is exceeding all our expectations.”

Andy Posner, Co-Founder & Director, Capital Good Fund



“Social Enterprise Greenhouse has been instrumental in providing Solar Sister with support at the very critical start-up phase. I am so grateful for the mentoring, networking and financial support that has helped us launch our social enterprise.

Katherine Lucey, Founder & CEO, Solar Sister



“Before becoming part of the SEG Accelerator, I had never heard of creating a “pitch”. I now use what I learned from the training and mentoring on a daily basis. It informs how I give presentations, write grants and represent my agency. Being connected to knowledgable, accomplished and committed mentors made all of the difference. Rarely have I been in another professional setting where constructive feedback is so readily given and accepted. As a result, I feel that I grew both personally and professionally from the experience.”

Karissa Tashjian, Literacy Program Coordinator, RIFLI



“The SEG Accelerator program was a great way for me (a full time student studying design and Director of 2ndLife) to learn about business and ideas as it applies to me developing this nonprofit. Mentors were ready to give great advice and even meet with me on their own time.”

Joseph Escobar, Founder, RISD 2nd Life



“I have felt so privileged and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the SEG Accelerator. It is exciting to see not only the benefits Team Swipe has reaped but also to watch the other social ventures mature. I have the utmost respect and admiration for each social venture partner as well as for the mentors who have given so generously of their time so we can learn from their experience.  In addition to all of this, I feel like I’ve made some new friends, friends who share my desire to make the world a little brighter and a better place to live.”

Carol Wilcox, Co-Founder, Swipe for a Cause


“SVPRI has been a constant support in the development of our bicycle-based social venture. It’s a great way for us to connect with professional advice and assistance.”

Jenna Johns-Yu, Director, Recycle-A-Bike

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