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Trailblazers: Reviewing The Startup of You and Better and Faster

By Alec O’del Business has changed from 100 years ago. Gone are the days of working the same Fortune 500 job from college graduation to golden-watch retirement. With technology changing at incredibly high speeds, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to realize their goals. Many have written books to share their[…..]

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Office Hours are Back: 5 Things to Know

As Summer’s scaled-back events schedule comes to an end here at the Hub, we are excited to re-launch our weekly office hours! This is the opportunity for you, social entrepreneur, to access sessions with an advisor in order to support your social mission, tackle a problem or enhance your personal growth. There are great sessions[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from Leadership Essentials: Personal change for Organizational Growth with Todd Iarussi

Leadership and Life Coach Todd Iarussi draws on insights gained as an executive recruiter in New York City, a fast-paced job which involved over 1,000 interviews. “I think we have a leadership development problem in the USA. In order to have healthy [corporate] cultures, leaders need to change.”  But how? Todd took us through the[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from How to Tell Your Brand story in the Digital Age with Pete Lucas

SEG hosted Pete Lucas, vice president of business development at JH Communications, in a class about telling our brand story. We talked about different types of social media, what goes into decision-making and avoiding some common pitfalls. Here are 5 things I learned: Hey, what IS my brand story? Perhaps we can’t create and tell[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from Boost Business Growth Through Inclusivity with Michelle Saunders

This week’s  Brown Bag Lunch workshop here at the SEG Hub brought us Michelle Saunders, Manager of Organizational and Leadership Development of Ocean State Job Lot. Michelle is a Providence native who has a history of facilitating discussions about diversity and inclusion across Rhode Island. She led a talk which touched on a broad range[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from Community Table with Garden Time

5 Things I Learned from Community Table with Garden Time Garden Time is a non-profit organization based in Rhode Island which provides hands-on vocational training to incarcerated persons. Their mission is “to create garden programs for incarcerated men and women at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institution and elsewhere. Through the processes of gardening, the[…..]

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5 Things I learned from Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders with Todd Iarussi

The Social Enterprise Greenhouse hosted a Lunch and Learn session here in the Hub with Todd Iarussi, a Hub member and personal, performance and leadership development consultant. He led the group through an introduction to his method, a live demonstration on a volunteer and a participatory coaching session with the whole group using some of[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from the Community Table: Improving Health Outcomes with Innovative Models

This week’s  Community Table event highlighted a unique partnership happening in Brockton, Massachusetts. Jason Barbosa is a co-owner of family food business Vicente’s Tropical Supermarket and Mary Lynch is a dietician at Brockton Neighborhood Health Center (BNHC). They have partnered to create a unique model which combines healthcare and food access. Vicente’s and BNHC co-located[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from Leadership and Governance with Daniel Doucette

December 3, 2016 By: Traci Picard SEG’s Lunch and Learn series presented an interactive workshop with Daniel Doucette, organizational dynamics advisor and founder of BraveShift. He brought a down-to-earth perspective and an engaging approach to the subject of creating a framework for leadership and governance, based on his experiences in the world of non-profit and[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from Good Design with Jean Puerini

By: Traci Picard

November 4, 2016


SEG’s Lunch and Learn series presented a workshop with Jean Puerini, creative director at Jump Design Studio and SEG Hub member. Jean is an expressive speaker with a good eye for composition–her presentation was visually inspiring. She broke down some complex concepts in order to show us what good design can do for us, for our business or our cause.

  1. Design affects us on more than one level. There is the actual information that marketing materials conveys. Dates, times, costs. But the medium is the message, too. Much information is conveyed by the intangible-color, materials, typography, shapes, proportions.
  2. Keep it simple. She stressed that confusion is the enemy of clicks, and that if a potential customer can’t understand the intention of the material, they can’t fully participate.
  3. Not another lightbulb! Jean suggests that we avoid cliches in our design. There are reasons why some of the more popular logos are globes, leafs, and circles and are easy to create and lovely. But she suggests we put forth a bit more effort in our ideas.
  4. Be willing to discard. It’s OK to fail. Not all designs will work, and letting go of them may be the best option sometimes. It’s better to let go of a sub-par idea  BEFORE you have it printed on 3,000 coffee mugs!
  5. Know your audience. Design that works for elderly Iowans may not speak to 19-24 year olds in New York City. Navigational choices that present no problem to people working in tech could overwhelm  less computer-savvy customers. A little time spent researching the intended audience ahead of time can save much work later.

You can see more from Jean Puerini and Jump Design  Studio here.


Traci Picard
Venture Development Assistant

Traci Picard is a VISTA serving as Venture Development assistant here at SEG. She comes from the world of alternative health, running a small herbal business and teaching classes like Critical Thinking for Herbalists and Asking Better Questions. Traci is also a writer pursuing a Journalism degree, a mother of 3 and a passionate fan of books and the Public Library. Born in Providence, she has lived all over but continues to return home.


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