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In May, 2013, Congressman Cicilline introduced the Social Enterprise Ecosystem and Economic Development (SEEED) Commission Act, H.R. 2043.  The SEEED Act has been referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The Act would establish a Commission on the Advancement of Social Enterprise to examine and make recommendations on opportunities for the federal government to support and utilize social enterprises. The Commission would:

  • identify ways the federal government can support social enterprises to address community challenges and provide significant social and economic benefits
  • offer recommendations on how the federal government can build the capacity of social enterprises, examining how loans, debt financing, grants, procurements, the tax code, tax incentives, and credits for non-profits can best support social entrepreneurship
  • exist for two years, with the first year devoted to establishing criteria by which to identify social enterprises and the second year dedicated to producing a report on the Commission’s findings

The SEEED Act already has 15 co-sponsors. Please help us pass this important legislation by contacting your Congressperson today and sharing your support of the SEEED Act.

Learn more about the SEEED Act here.

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