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Talent Matchmaking

We help social ventures find the talent they need to succeed by providing matchmaking services between students and recent graduates and social ventures.

Social Enterprise Greenhouse has three requirements for employers participating in the talent matchmaking program.

  • You must follow up with all applicants, even to reject them.
  • You must let the University Initiative Coordinator know when your job has been filled.
  • You must keep in contact with us about any changes to your position.
  • You must be a SEG Hub community member/scholar. Learn more about becoming a member here.

We accept job, internship, and project postings from social ventures through our Talent Request Form. We evaluate the request, create a PDF advertising the position, and post the information in 13 places: each of the 11 college/university student job/internship boards in Rhode Island, Bridge.Jobs (Rhode Island’s state-wide job/internship board), and our own Opportunities Board. Positions are promoted on our Facebook page and in our email newsletter. We accept inquiries, conduct thorough preliminary interviews, and pass along qualified candidates through to the social venture with their resume and cover letter. We estimate that we save social ventures 10-20 hours of work per position filled.


  • INTERNSHIP: learning-based temporary position where the emphasis is on the student intern’s learning experience and not on the task at hand. Paid or unpaid.
    • Learn more about how to utilize top-notch intern talent for your social venture by reading this guide by Bridge.Jobs.
    • Read this guide for our tips on how to write a great intern matchmaking request.
  • JOB: long-term permanent position with competitive compensation
  • PROJECT: short-term project to explore an opportunity or fix a problem

Learn more about funding opportunities for ventures

Talent Request Form

If you’re ready, fill out this form to start the matchmaking process.


Email info@segreenhouse.org to learn more about our matchmaking process and find out about support opportunities.

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