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The Greenhouse Webinar Series continues the conversations started at SEEED and brings best practice to social entrepreneurs and enterprises through bi-monthly webinars. The series features experts from their fields, and brings social entrepreneurs the expertise they need to accelerate their ventures.




The Greenhouse Webinar Series Presents: Rich Streitfeld on “Business Basics for Start-ups”

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Everything You Should Know About Business Finance But Were Afraid to Learn

Am I better off as an LLC, S-CORP or MIA? Should I use MINT, Quickbooks or a slow-cooker? What kind of tax incentives can I offer investors? Why am I getting taxed when I made no money?

Join Rich Streitfeld’s webinar, BUSINESS BASICS FOR START-UPS, and learn the answers to these and other questions about legal structure, taxes and accounting for your enterprise. Rich is a local CPA, popular speaker and SE Greenhouse mentor. He is a partner at ALSD (www.alscpa.com) and author of the singular and lively e-newsletter, Dispatches from the Zen Mensch” (http://www.alscpa.com/articles/)

Speaker - Rod Collins

Designing the Social Enterprise Organization

All Day

Rod Collins, Director of Innovation at Optimity Advisors

The dream of every social entrepreneur is to make a difference and have a large positive impact on our world. When that dream begins to come true, entrepreneurs suddenly realize that their continued success will be as dependent upon the quality of their organization as on the popularity of their product or idea. This webinar outlines the fundamentals of a revolutionary new management model built upon the premise that the best organizations are designed as peer-to-peer networks rather than traditional top-down hierarchies. Drawing upon the innovative management practices of extraordinary performers, such as Google, Threadless, Valve, and Zappos, this webinar provides you with the tools you need to build a highly effective organization.

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speaker - tom ahern

Everything I (think I sort of!) Know About Fundraising from Individuals in 60 Slides

All Day

Tom Ahern, Ahern Donor Communications

Because so many entrepreneurs expressed a need and interest in accessing capital, we kicked our series off with Tom Ahern. Tom is one of the world’s top authorities on how to increase revenue through donor communications.

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