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Q&A with Carolyn Greenspan, CEO, Blue State Coffee

March 6, 2018 Blue State Coffee donates 2% of their sales to local non-profit organizations suggested by their customers, and from January 2018 to June 2018, Social Enterprise Greenhouse will be one of those beneficiaries. Since their founding in 2004, Blue State Coffee has donated over $800,000 to local nonprofits and focuses on ethical and[…..]

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Voices from the Field: Can Co-ops Displace the Gig Economy?

This article was originally published by NPQ online, on December 21, 2017 (https://nonprofitquarterly.org/2017/12/21/voices-from-the-field-can-co-ops-displace-the-gig-economy/). Used with permission. The future of jobs, work, and workplaces is facing rampant transformation. One of the most visible changes has been the rising number of contract workers, who, according to the Freelancers’ Union, number 57.3 million people in the US. That’s 36 percent of all workers! If[…..]

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Best for RI Valentine’s Date Night!

February 9, 2018 Maybe I’m just unromantic (or boring), but I’ve never been too excited for Valentine’s Day – too much sugar, too much pink, and too much pressure! However, in spite of my cold, anti-Valentine’s heart, it is the perfect time of the year to make plans somewhere warm and cozy with people you[…..]

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Connecting with Consumers: Reflections from the Social Change Marketplace

Friday, February 2, 2018 The Social Change Marketplace began in my office four years ago when I sold 200 bags of Beautiful Day Granola during the holidays to faculty and staff at Bryant University. Someone suggested that I should have a year-round operation as a campus distributor of granola. This would afford people on campus[…..]

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Holiday Shopping Guide: With Impact

December 15, 2017 As a native New Englander, I love the holiday season. Though the idea of the impending winter weather makes me want to curl up under a blanket and not come out until May (or June, just to be safe). But before I go into hibernation, I’m looking forward to getting through my[…..]

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Entrepreneur Story: Ahuma Adodoadji, AFRILINK

December 8, 2017 A few years ago, a group of young armed men attacked a university professor near Nairobi. During a shootout with the police, the leader of the group was killed. He was a university graduate. Ahuma Adodoadji, social entrepreneur and founder of AFRILINK, told me this story to illustrate why he does this[…..]

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Beat the Streets Providence: Tackling obstacles on and off the mats

December 1, 2017 In 2012, after school sports had been non-existent in Providence Public middle schools. At a time when public schools across the nation face budget cuts, interscholastic sports were one of the first programs to go. Yet, sports programs can be invaluable during one the most rapid periods of childhood development, as outlets[…..]

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SEG Advisor Appreciation Night: Honoring SEG’s ‘Secret Sauce’

Providence, November 28––SEG hosted a night of food, fun, and recognition for their network of advisors on the evening of Wednesday, November 8th. SEG boasts a network of over 250 advisors who volunteer their time and expertise to mentor SEG’s network of social enterprises. Advisors come from many backgrounds––they are business people, bankers, consultants, and[…..]

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Entrepreneur Story: Francisco Portela, Portela Soni Medical

November 21, 2017 When Francisco Portela first started working at Mass General as an oncology fellow, he was shocked at what he saw. “I got to this world-famous hospital… and people were dying of urinary tract infections.” Francisco is referring to a specific phenomenon called Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections, or CAUTIs. According to the CDC,[…..]

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Accelerator Grad DinnerxChange Wins Tech Collective Award

November 9, 2017 DinnerxChange, a program that changes how students connect with parents about their school day, has been honored with the 2017 Tech Collective Entrepreneurship Award. Tech Collective is Rhode Island’s premiere tech hub that aims to foster technological growth within the state. In partnership with Rhode Island Monthly, Tech Collective honors 15 recipients[…..]

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