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Recap of Community Table with Conservation Law Foundation

By: Traci Picard December 9, 2016 SEG’s Community Table hosted Max Greene of the Conservation Law Foundation to hear about their Legal Food Hub, an organization new to Rhode Island which provides pro-bono legal services to people working in the food industry. Throughout the food industry, from production to distribution, processing to composting, there are[…..]

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SEG Holiday Gifts with a Purpose!

By: Traci Picard December 8, 2016 It’s getting dark at 4 pm, the Canada Geese are flying south, and we can no longer deny it: the Holiday season approaches. It’s nearly time for gift-giving, and shopping guides abound. Here at SEG, we like to add a bonus to our gifting! We are lucky to know[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from Leadership and Governance with Daniel Doucette

December 3, 2016 By: Traci Picard SEG’s Lunch and Learn series presented an interactive workshop with Daniel Doucette, organizational dynamics advisor and founder of BraveShift. He brought a down-to-earth perspective and an engaging approach to the subject of creating a framework for leadership and governance, based on his experiences in the world of non-profit and[…..]

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Giving Tuesday: Support the SEG Community

By: Traci Picard November 29, 2016 As we come together with family and friends over this holiday season, we may naturally take a moment to think about our great fortune. To be alive, to be together, to gather with food and friends. Our thoughts might also turn to those organizations trying to create positive change[…..]

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Stories from the SEG Hub: Rabbi Elan Babchuck

November 23, 2016 By: Traci Picard What is it about a co-working space that pulls us in? That keeps us coming back? It’s the strong coffee, sure. The sunny space, the wi-fi and the printer. But more than anything else, it’s the people, and their stories. The HUB is a co-working space, but it’s also[…..]

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Stories From the Hub: PetsEmpower

November 15, 2016 By: Traci Picard Imagine yourself in crisis. You’ve had an experience which leaves you feeling unsafe at home. You need to evacuate. You’ve been called into active duty for the military. For one or many reasons, you need to go somewhere else. What will you do with your pet? Jordan Ross is[…..]

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Report Back from Centennial Community Conversations

By: Traci Picard November 4, 2016 I’m sitting in the Rhode Island Foundation’s beautiful space, sky outside going from late afternoon to dusk to night. I’m surrounded by elegant people, leaders with presence who speak eloquently about their cause. And I realize, it’s not just those of us in attendance, physically, who are “here”. Each[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from Good Design with Jean Puerini

By: Traci Picard November 4, 2016 SEG’s Lunch and Learn series presented a workshop with Jean Puerini, creative director at Jump Design Studio and SEG Hub member. Jean is an expressive speaker with a good eye for composition–her presentation was visually inspiring. She broke down some complex concepts in order to show us what good[…..]

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5 Things I Learned from Conflict Resolution in the Workplace with Amy Gallo

By: Traci Picard October 28, 2016 Recently we here at Social Enterprise Greenhouse  had the opportunity to host  Amy Gallo, a writer and editor at Harvard Business Review who also helps people and organizations deal with conflict in their lives and work. The workshop was about conflict resolution in the workplace, although the information shared[…..]

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5 things I learned from Design Thinking with Dan Xavier

By: Traci Picard October 15, 2016 The Social Enterprise Greenhouse hosted a workshop with Dan Xavier, who is himself an entrepreneur and currently works in design at Blue Cross Blue Shield. He gave us an overview of the process, then we created a flurry of sticky notes based on his prompts. He demonstrated how to[…..]

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