Since our pivot in 2009 from a chapter of the global network “Social Venture Partners”, our mission has been to incubate and support social enterprise while simultaneously fostering a nurturing social impact ecosystem. Our business model relies on the input and expertise of 250+ coaches and advisors, as well as strategic partnerships with other government, foundation and private sector players, all seeking to maximize positive social impact.

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The organization’s impressive growth over the past three years has been marked by a number of milestones. In 2014, the elections and appointments of several progressive policymakers and public servants led to unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and support. In 2015, SEG’s relocation to our co-working space at 10 Davol Square, The SEG Hub, transformed the organization into the state’s leading neutral convener in the social sector. In 2016, the decision to offer programs targeting specific industries such as Food and Health & Wellness led to a significant increase in volunteers, mentors, corporate sponsors and strategic partnerships. The recent launch of the “Best for RI” pilot program in partnership with B-Lab will allow the organization to achieve social impact within the broader Rhode Island business community.

Today, SEG offers a robust menu of services that provide social entrepreneurs with the services they need throughout their lifecycle. We have become a trusted convener and technical assistance provider for organizations and businesses working to achieve both economic and community impact.


SEG’s vision is that Rhode Island is a national model for growing sustainable, “do well, do good” businesses that positively transform lives and communities, create jobs and lead to a healthy economy. SEG collaborates with a number of leading players such as Commerce RI, the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, key corporations, and all of RI’s colleges and universities on programs that continue to build and strengthen the state’s social impact ecosystem.

Our ultimate goals are to maximize our social impact and create good jobs. We believe that the best path towards our goal is to be ever more inclusive about the ventures we support while breaking down silos between business and impact organizations.

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