1 PVD Cycling Logo
1 PVD Cycling

1 PVD Cycling is a local nonprofit that provides youth opportunities through the sport of cycling that inspire confidence, create a broadened sense of community, and promote an active, healthy lifestyle. 1 PVD Cycling brings together Providence high schoolers from all backgrounds and helps them overcome the numerous barriers to participation in competitive cycling, be they financial, technical or cultural.


ASTRO (Arts, Sports, and Technology Resource Organization) is committed to championing equity among diverse populations by innovating health promoting programs that improve the way people live, learn, work, and play.

15 Minute Field Trips Logo
15 Minute Field Trips

15 Minute Field Trips is dedicated to environmental advocacy through art and community action and environmental literacy through physical and online resources, training, and creation of “field trips” to get youth, classrooms, and families outdoors. Its goal is to create responsible citizens and advocates for the environment and to reduce anxiety through the enjoyment of nature.

A Trips Logo
A Trips

Through interactive mobile and web applications, our mission is to provide interactivity required to enable the sharing of knowledge and information and create innovative tourism products to increase the competitiveness of African destinations.

Accountability Lab Logo
Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab partners with civil society organizations in the developing world to build sustainable tools for new and innovative approaches to bolster accountability. The organization works to generate cost-effective relationships based on trust and cooperation rather than co-optation and dependency.


The Mission of AFRILINK is to reduce poverty in Africa by promoting the building of entrepreneurial skills in Africa’s college-educated youth, enabling them to create employment and take control of their lives as active, productive citizens.

Aging Easily Logo
Aging Easily

Aging Easily has launched, the only expert-curated online resource for aging services in RI. Tailored to Seniors, Caregivers and Professionals, the content covers community, state and federal resources. Whether you're looking for health services, transport, housing, legal/financial, government agencies or activities/events, has what you're looking for - and more!

Agraria Farm & Edibles Logo
Agraria Farm & Edibles

Agraria Farm and Edibles is a Rehoboth-based farm that strives to contribute a new model of small scale agriculture that provides sustainable and systemic change.

Anchor Strategies Logo
Anchor Strategies

We lift up social change by embracing, positioning and supporting visionaries. We embolden social change by shifting from operating models of scarcity to aspiration. Powerful social change happens when we invest in longer horizons for strident leaders and organizations.

AS220 Logo

AS220 is a non-profit community arts organization located in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. We are an unjuried, uncensored forum for the arts: a space to access tools, technology and knowledge; a space to come together, collaborate, innovate, experiment and take risks. AS220 envisions a just world where all people can realize their full creative potential.


BASA is on a mission to inspire and develop the innovators of tomorrow by designing and facilitating creative learning experiences for the children of today. BASA aims to prepare children and teens for the challenges of the 21st century through a community platform, online and onsite, that focuses on STEAM learning.

Be Highly Reliable Logo
Be Highly Reliable

Be Highly Reliable makes healthcare delivery more successful and safer for everyone through transformative educational experiences that help translate High Reliability thinking, attitudes and actions into the healthcare context.

Beat The Streets Providence Logo
Beat The Streets Providence

Beat the Streets Providence seeks to create a model for bringing middle school sports back to every school in Providence and eventually to every school in RI. We believe this effort is a crucial part of creating an after-school environment that can ensure that every student can find their passion, their personal path to success, and, ultimately, that no student is left behind.

Beautiful Day Logo
Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day seeks to build onramps to employment for recently-arrived refugees. We currently own a social enterprise--an artisan granola company. We nourish the health of our community by providing first jobs and on-the-job training for highly vulnerable populations while producing delicious locally-made food products.

Beggar’s Tomb Marine Livestock Logo
Beggar’s Tomb Marine Livestock

Beggar’s Tomb Marine Livestock is a floating barge oyster producer. They will support other growers by providing services related to sorting, labor, logistics, seed, breeding and algae.

Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti Logo
Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti

Dunk / Crunch / Yum! Bellicchi's Best Biscotti - born out of adversity, nourished a loving relationship, now shared with the world. Build local economies to make quality food affordable for many people. Train and prepare people to grow their own food business. Donate $ to the Alzheimer's association.

Bike Newport Logo
Bike Newport

Bike Newport's mission is to improve, encourage and facilitate bicycling in and around Newport, RI.

Bird + Bee Logo
Bird + Bee

Bird + Bee provides integrative health coaching support, education and healthcare connections focusing on pre- conception health for natural conceptions and conceptions utilizing medical assistance.

Body 2 Soul Logo
Body 2 Soul

The mission of Body 2 Soul is to provide holistic skin care products for multi ethnic consumers who are looking to receive the holistic benefits of our product.

Bootblack Brand Logo
Bootblack Brand

To produce a high quality cocktail syrup and fight agism.

Boston Pita Cafe Logo
Boston Pita Cafe

Boston Pita Cafe is a North Attleboro restaurant that offers shawarma pita wraps, salads, and rice bowls fresh to order and their mission is to provide franchise opportunities to the dis-enfranchised to serve the underserved.

bosWell Logo

bosWell reaches "unreachable" Medicaid members and connects them to their respective health plans/providers. To achieve this, bosWell equips community-based organizations (CBOs) including shelters, pantries and resource centers with free software for client management. bosWell notifies health plans/providers when their members check into its CBO network and serves as a channel to facilitate engagement.

Broken Pieces Logo
Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces, Higher Ground International’s social enterprise, designs and and sells apparel, accessories, and products with African inspired designs. The business is run by at-risk youth, many of whom are Liberian refugees living in the Rhode Island.

Capital Good Fund Logo
Capital Good Fund

Capital Good Fund seeks to be the best financial empowerment organization in America by providing high-quality, innovative and transformational financial services to underserved families.

Celebrated Logo

Celebrated is a private dessert studio based in Providence, RI with a mission to create a more eco-friendly food space. Our desserts are made with the highest quality vegan ingredients and our sustainable business practices minimize impact on the environment.

CleanPowerPerks Logo

Our mission is to encourage adoption of clean energy in the US, by making it easier and more rewarding for Americans to sign up + by celebrating US retail brands that use clean energy.

Cloverbud Ranch Logo
Cloverbud Ranch

Cloverbud Ranch raises grass-fed beef cattle in Portsmouth, RI on 100 acres of lush coastal pasture. Our free-ranged animals enjoy a long happy life before we take their gift in gratitude. We deliver nutrient-dense beef with healthy fats and big powerful flavor to top chefs and home cooks who share our values – improving the land, promoting community wellness and increasing the abundance of joyful living.

Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together – COAAST Logo
Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together – COAAST

Through the use of creative community engaged practices, we strive to create an ongoing dialogue about addiction and recovery.

Crossfit Providence Logo
Crossfit Providence

Our mission is to inspire lifelong movement & fitness, advance knowledge and strengthen the Providence community.

Dean’s Beans Logo
Dean’s Beans

Dean's Beans aims to enhance the quality of life for farmers by purchasing Fair Trade beans and funding grassroots development projects.

Deep Roots Farm Logo
Deep Roots Farm

Deep Roots Farm is creating a healthier and more connected world through pasture-based farming; bringing the best tasting and most nutritious food possible to local communities.

Dementia Training for Life Logo
Dementia Training for Life

Dementia Training for Life is a healthcare education company specializing in evidence-based trainings for communities, care partners and the workforce. We ensure that those living with dementia are empowered to live self-directed lives.

DinnerxChange Logo

The DxC enables a mobile dinner table conversation - at the dinner table, breakfast time, in a waiting room, on a walk, in the car, via FaceTime or Skype, on a phone call, anywhere with a few minutes to have a check-in. It's not reporting from a teacher or the school, it's a conversation with your child.

Distinguish Catering Logo
Distinguish Catering

Distinguish Catering produces a sauce line that features a burst of ethnic flavors in one taste, with the goal of increasing potential jobs for individuals and addressing social issues in Liberia.

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island Logo
Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island

Dorcas International Institute of RI empowers individuals and families, especially the underserved, immigrants, and refugees, to become self-sufficient and fully participating members of our diverse community through innovative programs and advocacy that promote education, training, and cultural understanding.

Dukho Farms Logo
Dukho Farms

Dukho Farms, Ltd is committed to producing affordable, high-quality and organic staple food crops, specifically to consumers at the economic ladder in Liberia.

EarthFrendz Logo

At EarthFrendz, we use fashion as a economic tool for poverty alleviation and jobs creation. We believe that by doing business fairly and efficiently we can empower and assist underprivileged people in improving their lives.

EatWell Meal Kits Logo
EatWell Meal Kits

EatWell Meal Kits‘ mission is to make healthy eating more available to families living in food insecure communities with our affordable, nutritious meal kits.

EbenGroup Inc. Logo
EbenGroup Inc.

2 out of 3 children do not have the necessary school supplies to be able to attend school in countries like Cambodia. Education is Power. Our vision is to provide resources to these children of war that so desperately want to help their community. Together we can make a huge global impact, together we can ignite the movement.

Eden’s Bowls Logo
Eden’s Bowls

The mission of Eden’s Bowls is to bridge the gap between health and nutrition by developing and providing access to healthy food and healthy care for their stakeholders in the U.S and the Caribbean.

Edesia Logo

Edesia combats malnutrition through the production of innovative nutrition solutions. Their flagship product, Plumpy’Nut, is a ready-to-use therapeutic food proven to treat severe acute malnutrition with astounding success rates.

Elderly Parent Resources Logo
Elderly Parent Resources

We provide navigation tools to caregivers and children of aging parents.

Empirical Nature Logo
Empirical Nature

Empirical Nature helps nonprofit organizations maximize success through customized planning and support to accurately measure, understand and communicate their impact.

Empower Spinal Cord Injury Logo
Empower Spinal Cord Injury

Empower Spinal Cord Injury delivers broad-based rehabilitation to clients who have sustained life-altering spinal cord injuries when traditional therapy services have been exhausted. This program utilizes self-directed therapy and peer support to fully transform the individual's life outlook and build independence.

EOTO Health Logo
EOTO Health

EOTO will bridge a gap in health equity, bringing People of Color into clinical trials. Due to the historical mistrust of non-ethnic professionals in clinical trials, EOTO considers its cultural competency as our greatest asset in patient recruitment.

evox Television Logo
evox Television

Evox is an Online and Cable/Satellite Television Network and Sustainable Marketplace dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people around the world. We believe that businesses can be an incredible tool for social change and evox is dedicated to using television content, community engagement and commerce to make a global impact.

Exponential Intelligence Logo
Exponential Intelligence

Exponential Intelligence employs a comprehensive approach to neural optimization. Using direct and pulsed low level currents through a comfortable device, (expi) can improve the quality of your physical skills, mental abilities, and emotional health.

FabNewport Logo

FabNewport provides Newport County residents with alternative pathways to science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) through mentoring and personalized education.

Feast and Fettle Logo
Feast and Fettle

Feast and Fettle is a Rhode Island-based meal delivery service specializing in chef-created dinners prepared with wholesome ingredients for busy individuals and families.

Finnest Logo

We exist to make the next generation of young people financially prepared by serving as a mobile banking platform to the pre-collage population. Our platform will be tailored to the needs of this age group, which is completely overlooked by the current banking system.

Fit2Cook4Kids Logo

Our mission is to inform, educate, motivate and organize children and their parents around food ingredient issues.

FitBites Logo

FitBites cheesecakes change the way we think about healthy food. Our all-natural cakes provide the perfect protein boost for cross-fitters, weekend warriors and busy moms. Eating healthy just became a piece of cake.

Food on the Move Logo
Food on the Move

Food on the Move is an innovative, evidence-based, public health program that brings discount, mobile, fresh fruit and vegetable markets to neighborhoods around RI! We offer a 50% discount on all fruits and vegetables for shoppers using SNAP/EBT at the market!

Food4Good Logo

To provide great tasting food while allowing consumers to improve the lives of others in need by supporting the Food4Good truck and the food we sell.

Foodies Without Borders Logo
Foodies Without Borders

Our mission is to empower young entrepreneurs in developing countries through culinary arts, and sustainable farming.

foodSCAPE Logo

foodSCAPE works with schools, students, parents and food service providers to reduce food waste by focusing on healthy choices for students, donating healthy food to people in need, and diverting the rest of the food from the landfill to animal feed, composting, or energy production.

for Philo Logo
for Philo

for Philo enables moments of joy for people living with dementia and their loved ones through personalized, age-appropriate activities. Named after our Founder's 92-year old grandmother, For Philo is committed to raising Alzheimer's and dementia awareness and to helping families and caregivers connect with loved ones through interactive, dignity restoring tools.

Fortnight Wine Bar Logo
Fortnight Wine Bar

Fortnight is a workers' cooperative wine bar. By making natural wine and small-batch beer affordable and accessible, we provide space to discuss the importance of local farming, land, weather, and zero-processing. We strive to maintain a zero food waste program.

Fox Point Pickling Company Logo
Fox Point Pickling Company

We source produce from local farms when seasonally available and combine it with a unique spice blend to create a crispier, more flavorful pickle. We've created a handcrafted New England alternative that's sugar free, additive free, naturally gluten-free and non-GMO.

FreshConn Logo

The mission of FreshConn is to build healthier, more vibrant communities through access to local and nutrient-dense food.

FreshLocal52 Logo

Our mission is to provide fresh, nutritious, price competitive produce to urban markets, while reducing water consumption and the carbon footprint of the growth and distribution cycle.

Girls Leadership Collaborative Logo
Girls Leadership Collaborative

Our mission for social change is to transform young people's understanding of leadership and how they, using the research around leadership, gender and social bias, can adopt a strengths-based, adaptive leadership framework as they move into young adulthood and beyond. We aim to engage girls in leadership thought service in their schools, communities and beyond.

Giving Beyond the Box Logo
Giving Beyond the Box

Giving Beyond the Box builds gift boxes that make a social impact – clean water, access to education, empowering women, and more – encouraging those who give gifts and those who receive them to share values and purpose in the gift exchange.

Glee Gum Logo
Glee Gum

Glee Gum produces natural chewing gum with no artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners, or preservatives, supporting sustainable rainforest development.

Go Peer Logo
Go Peer

GoPeer is an online platform that connects K-12 students with nearby college undergraduates for in-person tutoring lessons. We integrate technology with a near-peer education model to provide jobs to college students, help to parents, and academic mentorship to the students who need it most.

goTeff Logo

goTeff is a mission-driven nutrition brand using Teff—a super-food from Ethiopia, with a vision to provide superior Teff products to US consumers while investing in Ethiopian farmers. Teff is an ancient grain, 4000+ years old and known to fuel the record-holding runners of Ethiopia.

Grands Flourish Logo
Grands Flourish

Grands Flourish is Rhode’s Island’s only nonprofit organization that focuses on providing supports, services, and resources to grandparents raising grandchildren impacted by substance use disorder. Through program engagements, it empowers grandparents to navigate complex systems and succeed in their new role as caregivers.

Groundations Logo

Groundations focuses on bringing movement, mobility and fitness back into the lives of diverse adults through a special type of ground-based training. We focus on the 65+ market and envision a world where aging is not about declining but about confidence in motion and true quality of life.

Groundwork Rhode Island Logo
Groundwork Rhode Island

Groundwork Rhode Island provides job training and employment while beautifying neighborhoods and helping the environment.

Grow Earthly Logo
Grow Earthly

Earthly collects and processes food waste into high market-value compost by feeding it to a certain species of worms. This form of compost has no foul odor, is all-natural, eco-friendly and can help grow a wide variety of crops.

Hands in Harmony Logo
Hands in Harmony

The mission of Hands in Harmony is to increase access and awareness of music therapy and other related disciplines to those in need.

HAPI Water Solutions Logo
HAPI Water Solutions

HAPI Water Solutions provides potable water with a compact atmospheric generator. Our goal is to provide a tool that makes water reliable and accessible for a wide variety of users globally.

Harvest Kitchen Logo
Harvest Kitchen

Harvest Kitchen provides training for at-risk youth who produce fresh and healthy foods. This venture is part of an effort to increase the variety of value-added local farm products.

Herb & Forage Logo
Herb & Forage

The guiding principle of Herb and Forage is to produce high quality fruit, herbs, flowers and natural products in a symbiotic relationship with natural systems, particularly our pollinators. We will create products from native plants adapted to the land we farm that are life-affirming and restorative for both people and the land.

HM Solution Logo
HM Solution

We develop water treatment systems based on a new technology for the removal of arsenic and other chemicals from drinking water.

Hocus Pocus Farm Logo
Hocus Pocus Farm

Our mission is to make local food available to underserved Rhode Island communities, preserve farmland and open space, as well as to promote and support female run businesses.

Hope & Main Logo
Hope & Main

We provide access to industry-specific resources and low cost, low risk shared-use commercial kitchens to local entrepreneurs jump-starting early-stage food companies.

Hope’s Harvest Logo
Hope’s Harvest

Hope's Harvest mobilizes volunteers to feed the hungry and prevent food waste by rescuing surplus fruits and vegetables from local farmer's fields.


IMMAD, Impairment Measurement Marijuana and Driving, is a company specializing in education, services and technology for the responsible use of marijuana.

Incred-A-Bowl Logo

The Incred-A-Bowl food company is currently a food truck offering fresh made to order rice bowls, noodle bowls, salads, soups and smoothies. People come to Incred-A-Bowl for the delicious food and return for the unique culinary experience.

Increment Studios Logo
Increment Studios

We make playthings for all kids, regardless of age or ability. Our toys encourage independence, exploration, and social play through sensory learning.

InnateFive Logo

InnateFive’s mission is to foster healthier, equitable and strengths-conscious workplaces where individuals and
entrepreneurs can unleash their potential by embracing their innate talents and strengths. Our social commitment is to bring strengths-based education to high school students in urban schools in Rhode Island. By helping youth to discover their innate talents, we are providing them with vital knowledge and tools to increase their chances to thrive in school and in life.

Inspirited Living Logo
Inspirited Living

Inspirited Living LLC is the educational program, magazine, and group of practicing professionals who are collaborating to provide research driven, co-creative experiences. Experiences at Beachwood and on line are designed to support, uplift and inspire an individual, group or corporate entity's wellbeing.

Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence Logo
Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence

The Institute is an innovative and nationally lauded organization that targets the reduction of gang or group violence in Rhode Island.

Interwoven Care Logo
Interwoven Care

Interwoven Care is an integrated health network of socially driven providers who've come together to offer a better model of care. Mother Bear Meals, a division of Interwoven Care, is a doula delivered meal service that provides nutritionally significant meals to low-income women before and after birth to improve infant and maternal health outcomes.

Jamestown Arts Center Logo
Jamestown Arts Center

Jamestown Arts Center aims to engage, enrich and inspire the community through extraordinary arts and educational experiences.

Janes Logo

Janes and Jacks gowns offer a personal alternative to uncomfortable examination gowns, flimsy nursing robes or basic amenity wear.

Jeow Logo

Jeow is a spicy Laotian pepper dip and topping. Through their products and cooking classes for the community, they aim to make Laotian cuisine, and its culture, a familiar standard in America’s food scene.

Jessica Ricci Jewelry Logo
Jessica Ricci Jewelry

Jessica Ricci Jewelry’s FOUND collection transforms artifacts collected around the world into jewelry to give jobs to mothers who have faced incarceration, homelessness and/or addiction, and have found themselves on a new path of hope and economic security with their children.

Just Like Nana’s Logo
Just Like Nana’s

Just Like Nana's Rugelah is a traditional Jewish pastry made with healthier ingredients and a social mission. Delicious at breakfast or as a dessert.

Kai’s Kloset Logo
Kai’s Kloset

Kai’s Kloset features one-of-a-kind, fashionable, affordable clothing and accessories designed by individual artists from recycled materials. The business also provides opportunities for positive self-improvement and a platform for environmental and community concerns.

KerlyGirl Logo

KerlyGirl is a natural hair care venture offering organic and 100% plant-based products uniquely formulated for the hair needs of curly, coily, and kinky textures. KerlyGirl aims to revolutionize the budding conscious space between beauty and health for folks of color.

KidoInfo Logo

Rhode Island Parent Magazine is your magazine - a local parenting resource, a place you can find something to smile about, and a source of inspiration during the greatest and toughest moments of being a parent.

Kindred Community Acupuncture Logo
Kindred Community Acupuncture

Kindred is part of an international cooperative of community acupuncture clinics. We use a high-volume and low cost community healing model to make regular acupuncture treatments an affordable and normal way for people of all communities in Pawtucket, Central Falls and the surrounding area to stay healthy and keep connected.

Kinetic Diabetic Logo
Kinetic Diabetic

Kinetic Diabetic fights type II diabetes using teams of family & friends to support those affected successfully manage their treatment through care, compassion, and our diabetic friendly meals.

Laughing Gull Chocolates Logo
Laughing Gull Chocolates

Chocolate is our vehicle to engage consumers in conversations critical to our community so that with our knowledge, we engage in social change. Laughing Gull uses high quality, direct trade organic chocolate, and local ingredients when possible to make delicious products.

Leah’s Recipe Logo
Leah’s Recipe

Leah's Recipe is a snack line of evolved, plant-based, whole-food snacks that integrate into any health and wellness-based lifestyle. Sourcing only organic, fair-trade, and local ingredients, the goal of Leah's Recipe is to create a shift our concepts of snack food to: functional in ingredient makeup, ease of use, and optimization of ingredients to create peak pleasure experience without guilt.

Level Exchange Logo
Level Exchange

Level Exchange is a content studio and publishing company that can be used as a launch pad for local musicians, photographers, videographers and recording engineers.

Lila Logo

Lila introduces exciting new superfoods from China, such as dried black goji berries, to the American market, using sustainable packaging and supporting a living wage for farmers in remote areas.

Lily’s Ladle Logo
Lily’s Ladle

Lily’s Ladle crafts Bone Broth, using 100% grass fed beef, hormone and antibiotic free chickens, and local sustainable produce. Beef and Chicken Bone Broths, along with our Veggie Mineral Broth, are long-simmered to create a nutrient dense and delicious broth for culinary needs.

Lost Art Cultured Foods Logo
Lost Art Cultured Foods

At Lost Art we use local produce and naturally occurring wild yeast to produce healthy and delicious live-culture foods. People have been fermenting vegetables for thousands of years as a traditional method of preservation and maintaining good health. Fermented foods are special foods, full of natural probiotics that will not only delight your taste buds and bring zest to your cooking, but nourish your body and promote intestinal well-being!

Lotus Noire Health Logo
Lotus Noire Health

Lotus Noire Health is a virtual sexual wellness clinic, specializing in discreet and personalized intimate wellness and empowerment of sexually and racially diverse people.

Manuka Sports Event Management Logo
Manuka Sports Event Management

Manuka Sports Event Management is a sports event asset and management company specializing in the marine and green industry.

Maternova Logo

We are an innovation portal all aspects of innovation for maternal & neonatal health around the globe. We speed access to life-saving products by researching, rating and distributing frugal innovations.

Mesa Fresca Logo
Mesa Fresca

Mesa Fresca creates premium Hispanic cuisine with all natural & fresh ingredients, currently offering an authentic Argentine chimichurri sauce. Founded on family and community, Mesa Fresca aims to address the gap in the marketplace for authentic, fresh packaged Hispanic food.

Metryx Logo

Making real-time formative assessment manageable for every teacher.

Mindful Maia’s Juice & Tea Logo
Mindful Maia’s Juice & Tea

Mindful Maia's Juice & Tea is a Mobile Raw Juice Bar that offers delicious healing refreshments made of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Mindful Maia's contributes to the evolution of the human organic intelligence, by using high vibrational plant based super foods to cultivate youth, health, energy and alkalinity.

Momunity Logo

Momunity is a website that educates new and expecting moms and helps them find the support and care they need in their local community.

Moor Food Logo
Moor Food

Moor Food is a biointensive organic vegetable, herb and flower farm in Seekonk, MA that provides high quality and culturally-relevant healthy food to the Greater Providence and RI region, with a particular focus in reducing food insecurity for communities of color and immigrant communities.

Amos House Logo
Amos House

Helping people help themselves out of homelessness and poverty through vital services and results-oriented programs.

My Crowning Jewel Logo
My Crowning Jewel

My Crowning Jewel works to provide skill-building employment for teenagers through the creation of high-quality head wraps.

My Happy Shirts Logo
My Happy Shirts

My Happy Shirts creates apparel that brings hope to orphaned children. My Happy Shirts donates a shirt for every shirt you buy and contributes to projects in developing areas.

NaloxBox Logo

The NaloxBox mission is to improve the capacity of bystander rescuers to save the lives of victims of opioid overdose by strategically placing these innovative smart cabinets in settings most in need of quickly accessible, public use naloxone.

NE Distance Logo
NE Distance

NE Distance is a New England based non-profit organization with a unique dual mission to promote health and wellbeing among children while providing support to post-collegiate athletes on a training path to top-level competition.

Neighbors 4 Revitalization (N4R) Logo
Neighbors 4 Revitalization (N4R)

Our mission is to mobilize neighbors to turn abandoned properties into affordable homes. We organize efforts, partner with stakeholders, support small business, and transform neighborhoods.

New Beginnings Logo
New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a caring and healing environment where individuals with mental illness engage in productive activities that inspire hope and contribute to their health and well-being.

Newport Cooks Logo
Newport Cooks

Newport Cooks partners with local chefs to offer affordable cooking classes to the community. They teach adults and children to cook for fun, creative inspiration and to promote healthier lifestyle choices.

NovaPlate Logo

NovaPlate provides the average working American living a fast-paced, technical lifestyle with delicious, healthy, and creative prepped food.

Nyweza Logo

Nyweza aims to improve road safety in Uganda by significantly reducing trauma due to motorcycle taxi accidents.

Ocean State Fresh Logo
Ocean State Fresh

Ocean State Fresh connects Rhode Island fishermen with consumers to ensure that seafood is fresh, local, and sustainable.

Ocean State Smoked Fish Company Logo
Ocean State Smoked Fish Company

Ocean State Smoked Fish Company offers locally sourced, uniquely smoked fish. They also set aside a portion of their profits for a culinary scholarship fund dedicated to Rhode Island fishing families.

One Gun Gone Logo
One Gun Gone

One Gun Gone takes one gun off the street, makes art from that gun and sells that art to buy more guns off the street. Important in this process is students’ positive exposure to people, places and careers they might otherwise not encounter on their own.

One World Cacao Logo
One World Cacao

One World Cacao is a wellness and education platform selling single origin eco forested cacao from Guatemala.

Our Grain Logo
Our Grain

OURgrain produces tasty and nutritious snacks from Brewers’ Spent Grain (BSG) which is typically sent to landfill or fed to livestock. The goal of OURgrain is to provide education on sustainability, and make savory and sweet treats that positively impact the environment.

Packaging 2.0 Logo
Packaging 2.0

Our company seeks to bridge the worlds of plastics packaging design, manufacturing, reuse, recycling, and sustainability.

PangeaMart Logo

Our mission is to reunite the world by bringing together communities through commerce. We believe that trade can bring individuals and communities closer together, regardless of their background. Our goal is to provide more equal access to the free-market and opportunity.

pathidi Logo

pathidi helps people find a career path they’ll love using interactive tools on a new social–mobile career exploration platform, with the goal of creating happy and engaged employees.

PeaceLove Studios Logo
PeaceLove Studios

PeaceLove Studios builds a positive symbol of acceptance and hope for the tens of millions of individuals and families affected by mental illness.

PetsEmpower Logo

We are a nonprofit foundation and umbrella referral organization giving courageous domestic violence survivors a positive alternative, preserving pet relationships at risk, through no fault of owners.

Portela Soni Medical Logo
Portela Soni Medical

Portela Soni Medical is innovating a stagnant urinary catheter industry to provide an infection reducing device and a therapeutic delivery system.

Providence Gardenworks Logo
Providence Gardenworks

The mission of Providence Gardenworks is to build urban composting and gardening into a personal, urban, radical, environmental movement in Providence and well beyond.

PVD Dinner Share Logo
PVD Dinner Share

PVD Dinner Share creates food that fulfills. Their convenient farm-to-table meal preparation service allows members to spend more time on the things they love, and less on preparing food throughout the week. Their commitment to the community extends beyond the kitchen with monthly projects benefiting local causes.

Rate It Green Logo
Rate It Green

Rate It Green connects green builders and green building companies to help them share information and expertise and to promote the growth of the green building industry.

Recovery Connector LLC Logo
Recovery Connector LLC

Recovery Connector LLC lowers the stigma associated with both addiction and mental illness by providing a platform that facilitates communication and faster access to treatment programs, resulting in better outcomes for all stakeholders in the battle against addiction and mental illness.

Recycle-A-Bike Logo

Recycle-A-Bike provides the Providence community access to the skills and resources to maintain, repair, and build bikes in a welcoming workspace.

ReEntry Campus Program Logo
ReEntry Campus Program

Our mission is to reduce recidivism rates across the county by providing an affordable Post-Secondary educational pathway to formerly and currently incarcerated individuals that's connected to the reentry process.

Refuge Impact Investments Logo
Refuge Impact Investments

Refuge Impact Investments invests in refugee-owned and run businesses, with the goal of creating an online peer-to-peer lending platform that connects refugees who need access to capital with people who are interested in creating impact through their investments.

Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition Logo
Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition

The Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition works to make bicycling safer, more comfortable, and more accessible throughout Rhode Island. We do this through advocacy, events, and coordinating the efforts of partner organizations.

Rhode Island Urban Debate League (RIUDL) Logo
Rhode Island Urban Debate League (RIUDL)

The Rhode Island Urban Debate League engages students in policy debate programs in order to improve academic outcomes and increase college readiness.

Riverzedge Arts Logo
Riverzedge Arts

Riverzedge Arts is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit that has grown to become one of Woonsocket, Rhode Island’s most important community-based institutions. While the core of our work remains focused on helping the area’s underserved youth population develop alternative pathways to success, we now play a critical role in the city’s educational, visioning, community relations and economic development activities.

Roots 2Empower Logo
Roots 2Empower

Roots 2Empower’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty by increasing career and small business pathways to increase financial security for formerly incarcerated men of color.


Runa’s mission is to create livelihoods for indigenous farmers in the Amazon through sustainable tea sales.

Rustic Roots Baking Logo
Rustic Roots Baking

Rustic Roots Baking strives to provide locally sourced, delicious desserts made in the tradition of our grandparents. We work with farmers and small businesses to create simple and affordable desserts for our community.

Sanctuary Herbs of Providence Logo
Sanctuary Herbs of Providence

We grow, harvest and process aromatic and healing herbs, and we partner with immigrant and refugee farmers to purchase their herbs to make artisanal, sumptuous, healing herbal tea blends (tisanes) and culinary herbs. Our teas are 100% locally grown and chemical-free.

Sankofa World Market Logo
Sankofa World Market

The Sankofa mission is to transform blighted properties, provide affordable, convenient, culturally appropriate, fresh, healthy and locally-produced food, expand economic opportunities and encourage West End residents to meaningfully connect by fostering cultivation of land, lives and community. Sankofa is an initiative of West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation.

Savory Fare Logo
Savory Fare

Savory Fare is a meal delivery service for seniors, enabling them to stay healthy and remain in their own homes.

SeaAhead – BlueTech Innovation Center Logo
SeaAhead – BlueTech Innovation Center

SeaAhead - Bluetech Innovation Center will be a global nexus, bringing together startups, corporations, academics and foundations to create impact in areas including greener marine transportation, aquaculture and fishery processes, offshore alternative energy and smart cities.

SecondsFirst Logo

SecondsFirst is a food processing business with the aim of creating an affordable source of local vegetables and fish protein for food insecure communities. SecondsFirst prepares, freezes, and packages imperfect vegetables (those with cosmetic defects such as the wrong size and color) from local farms and processes under-appreciated fish, landed in RI, into fish cakes.

SimplaFYI Logo

SimplaFYI expands the awareness of and access to, complementary and integrative health services to advance personal health, well-being and self-care.

SIREN Women’s Cooperative Logo
SIREN Women’s Cooperative

SIREN Women’s Cooperative is a diverse, inclusive community of work-minded women who meet for monthly personal and professional advancement talks, relationship-based networking events, and have developed and implemented a Ready to Work exchange where they assist women in need of job search and interview skills.

Solar Sister Logo
Solar Sister

Solar Sister eradicates energy poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity. We combine the breakthrough potential of clean energy technology with a deliberately woman-centered direct sales network to bring light, hope and opportunity to even the most remote communities in rural Africa.

Southside Farm-to-Market Center Logo
Southside Farm-to-Market Center

The Southside Farm-to-Market Center is a food hub in Providence working with small-scale farmers of color in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to build an equitable local food system. The Farm-to-Market Center will provide FDA-compliant wash, packing, storage, and processing facilities, along with marketing, and distribution services for farmers and other food businesses.

Sphere-E Logo

We support all types of enterprises – states, cities, corporations. universities and NGOs – in doing more with less. Our Sustain-E tool offers efficiency in conducting an annual spend analysis, prioritizing 20 top categories for reducing costs and environmental impacts, and providing product cost/performance value assessments. It enables you to see the relative ROI on product options.

Sproutel Logo

At Sproutel we collaborate with companies to co-develop products that achieve health outcomes and help brands tell powerful stories.

Steel Yard Logo
Steel Yard

The Steel Yard is an organization committed to cultivating an environment of experimentation and a community strengthened by creative networks.

Sweet Pea Farm Logo
Sweet Pea Farm

Sweet Pea Farm‘s mission is to cultivate sustainably-grown vegetables and cut flowers on three acres in Charlestown, RI for the Rhode Island community while providing a living wage for its employees.

Swipe for a Cause Logo
Swipe for a Cause

Swipe for a Cause is a full service payment processor that offers merchants the ability to lower their rates and generates profits that support hospice.

Synkentrono Logo

Synkentrono uses predictive analytics to empower individuals to take control of their own health outcomes. We are the first company to triangulate medical, genetic and social data into predictions about health outcomes for each individual. Our application then provides personalized guidance on how to change one's health outcomes and helps track progress towards a better life in actionable steps.

TextUp Logo

TextUp empowers social workers with secure messaging and collaboration, saving time and improving professional quality of life.

The Art of Fate Logo
The Art of Fate

The Art of Fate is the first online marketplace to shop for womxn-owned brands from around the world – all in one magical place. Our mission is to provide womxn with a platform and the resources they need to grow successful businesses and to ultimately invest more wealth in the femxle economy.

The Bija Institute Logo
The Bija Institute

The Bija Institute marries technology and mindfulness to enhance treatment protocols for pediatric patients, change their relationship with stress, and ultimately improve their overall sense of well-being. Developed by The Bija Institute, the only one of it's kind, ZenPals is a hospital-centric software offering on-demand access to live meditations and mindfulness practices tailored to the individual child in the moment.

The Coffee Collective Logo
The Coffee Collective

Coffee Collective is a workers’ co-op that will create a café and community space serving the Woonasquatucket neighborhood.

The Compost Plant Logo
The Compost Plant

The Compost Plant will produce significant quantities of high-quality compost for the retail and wholesale marketplace in southern New England, building a unique Rhode Island brand that capitalizes on the surging interest in locally and organically-produced food.

The CSPH Logo

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (The CSPH) provides medically accurate, LGBTQIA+ affirming, and pleasure guided sex therapy, education, and professional training.

The Hope Collaborative Logo
The Hope Collaborative

The Hope Collaborative is an online wellness community designed to promote a culture of hope by connecting people to the collaborative help they need at the time they need it.

The Key Yoga and Wellness Initiative Logo
The Key Yoga and Wellness Initiative

The Key Yoga and Wellness Initiative is designed for corrections professionals to address the physical and mental health risks associated with working in this field. We offer yoga and meditation to cultivate self-knowledge, awareness, and emotional intelligence.

The Sweet Home Project Logo
The Sweet Home Project

The Sweet Home Project RI is a startup nonprofit helping mothers coming out of hardship create a home full of pride, inspiration, safety and comfort. Through donations, they furnish, decorate, offer organizational guidance and encourage lifestyle reflection.

The Tapping Solution Foundation Logo
The Tapping Solution Foundation

The Tapping Solution Foundation seeks to promote EFT Tapping as a self-care tool for the purpose of managing stress, anxiety and trauma. Outreach to educators, families and communities supports our mission to bring improved health and wellbeing to those in need around the world.

The Tipping Point Logo
The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point provides counseling and coaching to guide single moms in becoming financially competent, independent, and empowered leaders of their families, rewriting their stories and futures to include stability and success.

Therapy Missions Inc. Logo
Therapy Missions Inc.

We are a capacity-building nonprofit organization bringing therapy knowledge and skills to the caregivers of children and adults with disabilities in underserved communities across the globe.

Three Mouths Tea Logo
Three Mouths Tea

The mission of Three Mouths Tea is to build a contemporary and local, diverse and authentic, refined but affordable and accessible tea culture in Providence that is available to all.

TrekkLocal Logo

We believe that small business is about more than making money; they're the lifeblood of the community. That's why we created an app that joins these special, unique places into a singular points-based rewards network, letting them reap the economic benefits that only corporate franchises once enjoyed.

UpRiseHer Logo

UpRiseHer synergizes the lives of women by creating female- centric collaborative work spaces with childcare, female focused amenities, career cultivation services, skills based workshops, and advocacy to help women manage and be empowered in our ever-evolving, multifaceted, beautiful journey.

Urban Greens Co-op Logo
Urban Greens Co-op

Urban Greens Food Co-op is a consumer-owned and governed cooperative working to open a retail grocery store.

VEER Safe Logo

VeerSAFE provides online health education to Commercial Truck Drivers who suffer from chronic conditions. VeerSafe fulfills DOT health education mandates and provides truck drivers with the knowledge needed to improve their health, thereby creating a safer roadway.

Violet’s Village Logo
Violet’s Village

Violet’s Village changes young lives by changing minds. We educate youth about the full history of Africa and its diaspora and connect them with training related to organic living, getting back to the earth, healing through the arts, community engagement, and much more.


VISIT is a monthly subscription kit, with curated activities, a guiding workbook, and a supporting app experience, that facilitates connection and relationship-building between family/friend/clinical caregivers and their loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

WatchRx Logo

WatchRX Offers Smartwatch with Med reminders, Phone & GPS tracking for seniors to live independently with dignity, app for caregivers with real-time alerts & status to reduce their stress.

What Cheer Flower Farm Logo
What Cheer Flower Farm

What Cheer Flower Farm believes everyone deserves a bouquet. Flowers bring a deep sense of connection and delight that is essential in stressful lives. Our mission is to GROW flower at our urban farm, to DONATE our bouquets for social good and to provide job TRAINING in RI's growing horticulture, farming and landscaping sectors.

Wisdom for Living Logo
Wisdom for Living

Wisdom for Living is a life enrichment discussion group program for elders. Guided by a knowledgeable and skillful facilitator, it creates a venue for elders living in residential communities to share their thoughts, be listened to, and find meaning and purpose in this chapter of their lives.

Xperii Logo

Xperii is a software platform solving one of the largest problems for clinical and behavioral science, subject recruitment, by making it easy for individuals to participate in research studies.

ZTwist Design Logo
ZTwist Design

ZTwist Design is a visual communication firm founded by Eliza Squibb and Julia Shivers. Collaborating with international artists, ZTwist creates vivid, visual communication design that is culturally adapted for organizations serving diverse populations in low resource settings.

Zarephath Water Enterprise Logo
Zarephath Water Enterprise

Zarephath Water Enterprise will produce bottled water purified to the highest quality for communities in Nigeria using solar energy. The pH of the water will be alkaline, close to the nature of body fluid, as well as enhanced with minerals to boost metabolic activities essential for healthy living.

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