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Investor’s Circle

Investors’ Circle seeks early-stage companies whose businesses address significant social or environmental issues.



New Education for Radical Development (iNERDE inc.) is a nonprofit organization and its mission is to inspire and empower Malian youth by providing opportunities for them to attain their fullest potential. Our flagship project is a 3 months STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) summer camp in Mali that aims to increase primary school students’ aptitude (4th – 6th) in Math & Science by engaging them in interactive, team-based science and engineering projects. The camp will give its participants access to an education that is transformational and set them up to have a full range of professional options in the STEM field.


Bull City Forward

We support social entrepreneurs in Durham who are committed to:

People – fair and beneficial business practices toward its labor and the community in which it conducts business
Profit – economic value creation, not simply in terms of internal profit, but also the real economic benefit enjoyed by its host society
Planet – sustainable environmental practices that benefit the natural order as much as possible or at the least do no harm and minimize environmental impact

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