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Cooperative Impact

Creating an environment that encourages new connections between the makers. Programs to reconnect people with their humanity so they care about people more than profit. As we build a pipeline of inspired community members it organically induces a specific type of new ideas. Rather than productivity tools we think of ways to make the quality of life better for all residing in this great nation. Connecting these budding social entrepreneurs with mentors is an imoprtant step in the process of blending a sustainable revenue model with their community-based idea. Impact investors are waiting in the wings.

In the early stage of developing a social enterprise ecosystem it is easiest to describe it as:

“Local community members who work cooperatively to create business models that tackle social problems like inequality and climate change. Members are assets to one another as they share resources, insight, and advice from respective industries.”



Community Enterprise

We help communities, charities and social enterprises in the UK to make good things happen, from food initiatives and credit unions to community run sports facilities, we help organisations become more sustainable by generating income and moving away from grant funding. Our works supports the growth of confident, creative, financially stable, community organisations. Our projects include:

We have an excellent track record of preparing successful funding applications based on sound research and defined outcomes.

Run Native is an ambitious new online marketplace to showcase and sell the best of social enterprise gifts from across the UK.

SE Venues is an easy to use online search facility for ethical venues across Scotland.

BOLD, Community Enterprise’s marketing company, works with clients to target limited resources for maximum impact – whether the aim is to gain new customers, generate revenue or build support for new initiatives.


Conscious Commerce

The Conscious Commerce mission is to create a guide for conscious living by promoting the causes, brands, people and lifestyles that are forging a new paragon of living.


Do Good Buy Us

At DoGoodBuyUs we believe consumerism can change the world, so we built the largest marketplace of goods that help others. Now anyone can do good just by buying beautiful, often handmade items that support the worthiest causes. From tea to t-shirts, from rain boots to coffee, from jewelry to soaps, from the everyday to gift items.


The Balanced Scorecard Institute

The Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI) provides training, certification and consulting services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide. BSI helps clients increase focus on strategy and results, improve organizational performance by measuring what matters, align the work people do on a day-to-day basis with strategy, focus on the drivers of future performance, improve communication of the organization’s Vision and Strategy, and prioritize in tough economic times.


Straighter Line

Do you want to end hunger in your community? Create jobs for returning veterans? Provide fresh drinking water to small villages? Disarm landmines? Wipe out disease? Clean up the world’s oceans and recycle the garbage into packaging or clothing?

Social entrepreneurs are doing all of those things in the real world right now. And you can join them.

Discover how to put your passion and energy to work making the world a better place with our Startups For Social Entrepreneurs Program. By the time you’re done with this hands-on program, you’ll have a plan for your company that you can take out into the world and start effecting real change. But be warned: this program is for people who really want to get things done, not just sit around talking about it.


Unite For Sight and Global Health University

The Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship is designed for those interested in learning about social entrepreneurship, innovation, and successful strategies in scaling ideas. Participants learn about the complexities of global health and the ethics of innovation, while also learning about the theory and practices of social entrepreneurship. This certificate prepares participants to address global health challenges through novel social entrepreneurship approaches.


Yulu Public Relations Inc

As a triple-bottom-line company paving the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs, your message matters. The trend is growing for companies to use their influence to improve human and environmental well-being. Are you one of them? Our social enterprise PR experts will ensure you reach your target public with communication that has lasting effects.


Flagship Consulting

We run PR campaigns for charities, the voluntary and community sectors, and social enterprises involved in a variety of different causes such as malaria prevention, helping impoverished families to go on holiday and raising awareness of those caring for dementia sufferers. We have organised film premieres, the world’s biggest pub quiz and managed nationwide tea parties; all focused on raising awareness of our clients and, therefore, their funding.


Prosper Public Relations

We work exclusively with social enterprises, conscious companies and nonprofits that are on a mission to make the world a better place. Our marketing services help them raise awareness, build movements and bring about real change.

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