Flywheel Cinncinati

Today, Flywheel is a dynamic organization with two fundamental missions. They are:

Supporting our nonprofit clients at every stage of their development of a social enterprise.
Developing an ecosystem of resources that can help social enterprises throughout the Tri-State Area to flourish and sustain for years to come.
We enjoy partnering with a nonprofit regardless of whether it is considering a social enterprise, designing a social enterprise or already operating a social enterprise. Our clients turn to us for master-level insights regardless of where they are in the development of their venture. By accessing our knowledge of best practices and effective troubleshooting techniques, they reduce the time they spend getting from exploration to launch. As a result, they save both time and money.

At the same time, we connect them to individuals, institutions and other innovative social enterprises. They learn from their peers and share their knowledge with those organizations whose social enterprise journey is just getting underway.

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