Praxis Accelerator

Praxis is a mentorship-driven accelerator program for entrepreneurs & innovators compelled by their faith to advance the common good. We provide Praxis Fellows with the knowledge and network needed to develop high-impact organizations, all within an environment that allows for an exploration of how to embody the Gospel.

Each year, Praxis welcomes 12 businesses and 12 nonprofits into our two Accelerator programs, where we provide the top-decision makers in these organizations with the knowledge, network, and personal discipleship necessary to build sustainable, high-impact organizations. In summer of 2014, we’ll also launch Praxis Academy, a summer program focused on training Christ-following undergraduates at the intersection of faith, startups, and culture. Academy graduates will have a chance to apply for our Future Founders program, where they’ll have an unique opportunity to do a summer apprenticeship with our Accelerator alumni.


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