Skills-based Volunteering

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There are many ways to contribute your skills to the growing social enterprise community.

Be a coach if…
  • You want to provide holistic business guidance and advice to the right social entrepreneur and create a lasting relationship.
  • You have 1-3 hours per week to dedicate to coaching a social entrepreneur.
  • You’re a great listener and you enjoy helping others problem-solve.
Be an advisor if…
  • You want to give back by using your specific technical skills or functional area expertise (e.g., legal, technology, accounting, marketing, etc.)
  • You have about 2 hours per month to dedicate in a flexible as-needed manner to social entrepreneurs.
  • You want to get to know the social enterprise landscape by working with many different entrepreneurs and organizations.
Be a SEG supporter if… 
  • You want to get involved with a SEG committee led by a team of partners and mentors who help develop the strategy for the program and assess its effectiveness.
  • You have about 5 hours per month on average, depending on the specific needs of the program.

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