Skills-based Volunteering

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There are many ways to contribute your skills to our social enterprise community.

Special Call for Volunteers to support social entrepreneurs during the
COVID-19 pandemic

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, SEG has moved all our programming online, including volunteer support for ventures.  We are using Zoom and Facebook, as well as regular old phone calls, to support entrepreneurs.

If you are already a volunteer with us and would like to get in touch about your availability for Virtual Volunteering, please click HERE.

If you are new to the SEG network and would like to volunteer to assist a social enterprise or a nonprofit in a time of crisis and rapid adaptation, please complete our Volunteer Application.  Your responses will help us learn about you and match your skills with entrepreneurs’ needs.

Volunteer as a coach if…
  • You want to provide holistic business guidance and advice to a social entrepreneur and create a lasting relationship.
  • You have 1-3 hours per week to dedicate to coaching a social entrepreneur or a small group of social entrepreneurs.
  • You’re a great listener and you enjoy helping others problem-solve.
Volunteer as an advisor if…
  • You want to give back by using your specific technical skills or functional area expertise (e.g., legal, technology, accounting, marketing, etc.)
  • You have about 2 hours per month to dedicate in a flexible as-needed manner to social entrepreneurs.
  • You want to get to know the social enterprise landscape by working with many different entrepreneurs and organizations.
Volunteer as an instructor if…
  • You have Rhode Island-specific knowledge of small business or nonprofit resources.
  • You have experience advising or building early-stage social enterprises
  • You have a passion for inspiring early-stage social entrepreneurs and specific knowledge related to finances, value proposition, business models, and market research.

Thank you!

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