About Us

A growing network of entrepreneurs and business and community leaders who contribute time, expertise, and money to create jobs and support positive social change through social enterprise.

Our Vision

SEG envisions a more just, equitable and resilient economy achieved through social purpose business.

Our Mission

SEG accelerates impact by providing inclusive support and networks for entrepreneurs and businesses committed to positive societal and economic change.

Who We Serve

SEG serves entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses that:

  • Address a societal challenge directly, or
  • Are incorporating greater societal impact into their efforts

We place a heightened focus on those who have been historically excluded and those with high-impact potential.

Our portfolio of more than 600 businesses and nonprofits create positive social impact for over 5 million people through improvements in access to educational opportunities, training and employment, healthcare, financial services, healthy food, basic human needs, affordable housing, and a safe and healthy environment.

Explore Our Impact

What is a social enterprise?

We define social enterprises as organizations that strive to do well and do good. They use business tools and harness market demand to achieve their missions — delivering both social and financial impact.

Our Values

  • Equity

    We believe that addressing disparities in access to business resources is critical to creating a just, equitable and resilient economy. We are committed to working toward equity and a culture of inclusion within our network, across our programs and throughout our ecosystem.

  • Impact & Growth/Sustainability

    We apply strategic and disciplined use of human and financial resources in order to promote sustainable growth of the social enterprise sector and its impact.

  • Excellence

    We share a commitment to quality, innovation, cultural relevance and continuous learning to grow the social enterprise movement and its impact.

  • Community Engagement

    We create equitable, positive, effective social impacts that are informed by and implemented in active collaboration with the communities most affected by the problems entrepreneurs seek to solve.

  • Spirit of Generosity

    We benefit collectively when people give their time, talent and treasure to enable enterprises that improve others’ lives and our interconnected communities.

  • Respect

    We recognize and acknowledge that each of us approaches social enterprise and problem solving from a distinct and valuable perspective.