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Social Enterprise Greenhouse

Social Enterprise Greenhouse creates positive social and economic impacts by supporting social entrepreneurs and enterprises with the tools and networks they need to thrive. We are a network of business and community leaders who contribute time, expertise and money to create jobs and support positive change through social enterprise.


Root Cause

Root Cause is driven by a passion for shaping the future of social problem solving. Our services and programs individually and collectively bring together nonprofit, philanthropy, government, and business to advance solutions to today’s toughest social issues by helping them understand and invest in what works. Our decade of work to accelerate performance shows that sustained change happens when resources flow to organizations committed to continuous improvement to ensure they are maximizing their impact.


Joshua Venture Group

Joshua Venture Group seeks to reinvigorate and expand the Jewish community by cultivating the leadership and management capability of talented, passionate young Jewish social entrepreneurs and by investing in their visions and the growth of healthy, sustainable organizations.

Joshua Venture Group’s primary initiative, the Dual Investment Program, focuses on investing in visionary leaders and in groundbreaking ideas. Throughout the two-year program, each Fellow receives funding and support services worth over $100,000. With this investment, we believe that our Fellows will play an important role in transforming our Jewish communities as they exist today.



Propeller is a New Orleans-based nonprofit organization that helps launch social and environmental ventures to address local challenges. We work out of our 10,000 square foot co-working building, where we also rent workspace. Our building doubles as a multi-purpose event venue.



New Education for Radical Development (iNERDE inc.) is a nonprofit organization and its mission is to inspire and empower Malian youth by providing opportunities for them to attain their fullest potential. Our flagship project is a 3 months STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) summer camp in Mali that aims to increase primary school students’ aptitude (4th – 6th) in Math & Science by engaging them in interactive, team-based science and engineering projects. The camp will give its participants access to an education that is transformational and set them up to have a full range of professional options in the STEM field.


Southern New England Education Training Hall :: SNEETH

SNEETH provides an intersection of tutoring and private education. The model involves squads of students over a given term; a decentralized classroom approach of inquiry, dialogue, and critical assessment. We develop writing and public-speaking skills through dynamic, experiential assignments and challenges, including family inclusion and societal critique. In short, something fundamentally new [and fun!] in education.
I created these techniques while teaching Composition and Literature at CCRI and several other educational settings.



Catalyzer™ Startup 101 is a 101 days mentorship driven entrepreneurship cohort accelerator program for startups. Twice each year, we select up to 12 startup teams (or individuals) and help them navigate the crucial first stage. Startup founders working in Technology space building Enterprise Software, Mobile Applications, Software as Services, Web Applications, etc., Non-technology areas such as Education, Environment, Media, Finance, Healthcare, etc., and Social Enterprises working for-profit or non-profit are eligible to apply. We look for teams from all sorts of background. Selected startup teams will have to move to Hyderabad, India for the program. Startups will receive financial support in the form of pre-seed capital, work space, IT facilities and other resources.

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