2017 Food Accelerator Cohort


Body 2 Soul is an all natural body product care line made with artisanal botanical and aromatherapy blends, as well as 100% natural and sustainable ingredients. They aim to provide a quality, natural product for multi-ethnic women and their families.



Bootblack Brand is a maker of small batch, huge flavor culinary complex syrups for professional & home cocktail enthusiasts. They aim to prioritize employment of older employees to address ageism in the workplace and encourage fulfilling work later in life.



Fresh Local 52 is a Providence, RI urban vertical farm, producing delicious, healthy leafy greens and microgreens for local consumption in restaurants and supermarkets. They grow their produce with 98% less water and never, ever use any pesticides.


Just Like Nana’s provides traditionally crafted comfort food with healthier ingredients, specializing in JLN rugelach, an iconic Jewish pastry. JLN’s social mission is to hire people through RI’s social organizations, helping those who need a helping hand.


Lily’s Ladle crafts Bone Broth, using 100% grass fed beef, hormone and antibiotic free chickens, and local sustainable produce. Beef and Chicken Bone Broths, along with our Veggie Mineral Broth, are long-simmered to create a nutrient dense and delicious broth for culinary needs.



Lost Art Cultured Foods produces raw sauerkraut and traditionally fermented veggies made with locally sourced, organic produce. Lost Art products are known for their crunchy texture, unique spice blends and healthy probiotic qualities.


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