2017 Impact Accelerator: Introducing the Entrepreneurs


Social Enterprise Greenhouse is happy to announce that we have launched our Impact Accelerator for 2017!  Many of the entrepreneurs in this year’s Impact Accelerator bring their direct experience with the social problem their enterprise seeks to solve. They are using this life experience as an asset to help create change in the community. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about these social entrepreneurs? We’ll be releasing more of their stories over the course of the Accelerator program, from blog posts to podcasts, and checking in with them as they grow and learn.

COAAST: Ana Bess Moyer Bell founded the non-profit Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together as a response to the problem of addiction in our community. Originally from Rhode Island, she lived in New York City pursuing a degree in Drama Therapy from New York University. She has now returned and is performing the play she wrote, Four Legs to Stand On, in facilities around the region. This play acts as a tool to help us have tough conversations about addiction. You can learn more about COAAST here.

Finnest: Richard McDonald and Clemens Grave saw an opportunity to improve financial literacy for youth in America. While enrolled in an entrepreneurship program at Brown, they discovered how disparate their experiences were in this area, and decided to work together to solve the problem. What they are creating is a virtual program to help kids learn through real bank accounts and in-app education.

Pets Empower: Jordan Ross is a pet lover. He experienced domestic violence and learned firsthand how hard it is to find shelter with a dog. He realized that he was not alone in this challenge, and learned that this is a real barrier that people experiencing crises face. Pets Empower is a nonprofit which helps match pets with foster care, advises pet-owning people in crisis on their options and advocates for open conversation around the subject. Find out more about his work here.

DinnerxChange: Jarrid and Sylvia  Hall are parents who were looking to improve communication with their own children, especially around their day-to-day school experience. They got curious about how kids’ brains function, including kids who live with challenges like ADD. What they came up with is an easy-to-use program which kids create themselves to prompt conversation around the dinner table or other shared space, leveraging storytelling, neuroplasticity and listening. Learn more about DinnerxChange here.

Labels That Matter: Maricruz Larrea and Camila Goetze met in an MBA program at MIT. They both have roots in Latin America and identified a need for artisans in their home countries, Chile and Brazil, to get more exposure. They are helping to keep art alive and get artists connected to those in other countries. Camila and Maricruz have great style, and they have scouted some interesting and innovative pieces. You can learn more about Labels That Matter here.

Simply Fund: Linda Woods Curtin was solicited for school donations from her nephews and niece. But she wasn’t inspired by the system their schools were using to do this. So she decided to make her own! Simply Fund is an online platform for fundraising which supports K-12 students and schools. Linda has combined her background in tech with her focus on social impact in order to lead the way with innovation in this area. Learn more about Simply Fund here.

Steel Yard Public Projects: Jenny Sparks and Tim Ferland run a special program at the Steel Yard. They are both artisans themselves, as well as artistic matchmakers who help to support the Steel Yard’s educational mission by producing projects for local and regional customers. They are growing this program here in Providence and beyond, and you can learn more about their projects here.

Inspirited Living:  Lynne Bryan Phipps has created an online community and a magazine to share stories that she calls “inspirited,” meaning that which uplifts and inspires. She has also created a space called Beachwood Center for Well-being here in Rhode Island where she and her team offer classes, retreats and wellness practice. With a background in architectural design, Lynne designs her space and her programs with care. Check out Inspirited Living here.

RI Parent Magazine: Susan Gale saw a need in her community. She is a parent, and noticed that Rhode Island did not have its own local parenting magazine. So she used her background in journalism to start Rhode Island Parent Magazine, using local writers to provide informational content and creating an advertising outlet for local businesses who wish to reach parents. You can learn more about RI Parent magazine here.


Traci Picard
Venture Development Assistant

Traci Picard is a VISTA serving as Venture Development assistant here at SEG. She comes from the world of alternative health, running a small herbal business and teaching classes like Critical Thinking for Herbalists and Asking Better Questions. Traci is also a writer pursuing a Journalism degree, a mother of 3 and a passionate fan of books and the Public Library. Born in Providence, she has lived all over but continues to return home.

Contact: tpicard@segreenhouse.org