Congrats to Our Fall 2020 Incubator Grads!

Congratulations to all the participants of our Fall 2020 Virtual Incubator, who presented their ventures during a Zoom graduation ceremony on December 9. Over the last five weeks of meeting remotely, they have developed their ideas for social ventures and learned the fundamentals of building and running a successful business or nonprofit.

Now their next steps beckon. These ventures cover an impressive amount of ground and take on tough challenges with plenty of entrepreneurial energy. They aim to:

  • Establish a clothing company that supports black entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Build a community of lifelong readers
  • Recycle complex goods like carpets and scrap wood
  • Offer animal therapy and animal rescue
  • Expand educational opportunities and give books to children in need
  • Build wealth in immigrant communities
  • Compile a free searchable database of senior living facilities nationwide
  • Create an online community for new and expectant parents with a focus on black women at high risk of fetal and maternal morbidity
  • Integrate user perspectives into medical product design
  • Help people overcome health challenges by providing personalized medicine
  • Free farm animals from exploitation, cruelty, and pain
  • Create a reusable takeout container program for restaurants
  • Educate people about mental and spiritual health and the benefits of plant-based eating
  • Offer an online healthy aging community for women
  • Produce custom pet products that combine a love of art with love of pets
  • Create a supply chain between consumers in the global north and producers in the global south
  • Teach financial literacy using fun and memorable lessons
  • Curate a reading program for kids
  • Offer meditation and movement for women
  • Help homeless people with a place to live and a community of support

Congratulations Eddy, Oyetunji, Tracy, Samantha, Anna, Carlene, Stephanie, Debra, Rachael, Chrysanthi, Chloe, Paige, Mayra, Melissa, Curtis, Farrah, Jennifer, Scott, Janet, Felice, and Francesca. And many thanks to our network of experts who helped mentor, coach, and instruct these entrepreneurs throughout the Incubator program!