Diverse Group of 65 Participants Join SEG’s Four Entrepreneurial Programs This Spring

March 28th, 2023

Participants partake in four different programs, each with a focus on business development, and a shared goal of creating a more equitable and inclusive startup economy

PROVIDENCE, RI – Sixty-five entrepreneurs and founders will participate in Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG)s’ four flagship programs: Ideator, Incubator, Incubadora (Español), and the Impact Accelerator. Each program serves entrepreneurs and startup companies with tailored programming based on where they are in their growth. All of SEG’s programs aim to elevate small businesses and entrepreneurs, with an end goal of expanding equity and strengthening the economy in their local communities. 

“Here at SEG, we look to accelerate impact by providing inclusive support and networks for entrepreneurs and businesses committed to positive societal and economic change,” said Constance Ferber, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development. “With our four program cohorts, the impact of their success is undeniable, and our team is continuously impressed by all that our graduates have accomplished and are excited to see all that our current participants will accomplish in the future.”

SEG aims to reduce income inequality, barriers to opportunity, and other inequities by helping to launch and grow businesses that positively impact communities. The organization has seen participation from entrepreneurs of color increase from 19% in 2016 to 45% in 2021. Additionally, the percentage of women and non-binary-led ventures enrolled in SEG programs holds steady at over 60%. Forty-eight out of 65 participants enrolled in the incoming cohorts identify as women. 

SEG’s programs focus on specific areas depending on the venture need, and skill level of the participant: 

  • The Ideator, which is the entry-level program, guides participants through workshops, group work sessions, and one-on-one SEG mentorship to help participants navigate key steps in assessing the feasibility of their ideas and then determine whether to pursue, pivot, partner, or pass on them. 
  • The Incubator is designed for participants who already have a product or service with an audience and intended impact. Those interested in this program  should be looking to commit and formalize their product or service via launching a business.
  • Incubadora (Español), follows the same guidelines as “The Incubator,” however, this cohort is taught entirely in Spanish and is designed for native Spanish speakers.
  • SEG’s Impact Accelerator focuses on high-potential social startups that have already generated revenue and provides support to entrepreneurs who are ready to take their venture to the next level.

“The programs are designed so participants can graduate through the different levels based on their needs, starting with the Ideator through the Impact Accelerator,” said Gayle Gilford, a Program Advisor who leads the nonprofit fundraising workshop. “By the end, It’s amazing to see the progress our participants make, taking the knowledge they’ve learned and applying it to their businesses and ideas.”

SEG has always been outcome and impact-focused. Since launching, SEG’s network of ventures has grown to support more than 3,000 jobs. An estimated 80 percent of SEG Accelerator graduates are operational and employ on average five people. By comparison, the Small Business Association reports roughly half of all startups close shop within five years of founding and only 30 percent are operational 10 years after launching. SEG’s ventures are firmly rooted in social impact and span a variety of industries, including health and wellness, food and agriculture, and the environment. Combined, SEG’s ventures have reached more than 5 million people.

About Social Enterprise Greenhouse: Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG) accelerates impact by providing inclusive support and networks for entrepreneurs and businesses committed to positive societal and economic change. SEG fosters an ecosystem of diverse stakeholders who work to enable a more just, equitable, and resilient economy. SEG is based in Rhode Island and operates statewide virtually and from sites in Providence, Newport, and Pawtucket/Central Falls. Its network of 1,800+ enterprises and 200+ business and community leaders contributes time, expertise, and funding to grow Rhode Island’s social impact ecosystem. To learn more, visit www.segreenhouse.org.


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