Fall 2015 Internship Program

October 20th, 2015

Three times a year, Social Enterprise Greenhouse selects students to participate in our internship program. This fall, we are excited to be working with eight talented Rhode Island students and recent graduates from a diversity of schools and backgrounds. Meet our interns!

Nathalie Batista - Square Headshot copy

Nathalie Batista, Intern

Nathalie is interning under Cayla Mackey, our University Initiative Director, to increase student and recent graduate access to current jobs and internships with our ventures. Nathalie Batista is a student at the Community College of Rhode Island, and is also our Changemaker Fellow there. Nathalie is a second year student from Providence and is passionate about animal rights and the environment. She was born in the Dominican Republic and graduated from Saint Patrick Academy in Providence with honors. Nathalie plans on completing her education at Rhode Island College as a transfer student to study Biology. She hopes to one day become a Marine Biologist or Zoologist. Nathalie has volunteered at the Providence Animal Rescue League and has an interest in starting her own animal shelter. In her free time, Nathalie likes to read anything she can find, teach dance classes to children, and scuba-dive. Contact: nathalie.batista102110@gmail.com


Danielle Galvàn Gomez

Danielle is interning under Cayla Mackey, our University Initiative Director, to co-chair the 2016 Seed Summit. She is a junior at Brown University studying Comparative Literature with a concentration in Spanish language and literature. Before that, she studied Painting and Art History at the Rhode Island School of Design where she led a campaign to make school curriculum more globally aware and socially conscious. A native Californian, Danielle has worked as an intern for artists in Los Angeles, as a research librarian, as an apprentice in the education department of the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, and as a teacher’s assistant. She hopes to dedicate her life to making art that functions as social practice and to change society using the creativity of an artist. Danielle believes art, in all its forms, is a vehicle for transformation, and wants to be known as an artist who makes art for the sake of change while striving to understand art and its role in her community and the world. She is excited to become a part of the Social Enterprise Greenhouse team and hopes that through her work she can find the tools to creatively build better homes, communities, and schools. Contact: danielle_gomez@brown.edu

senior photo

Elie MacAdams

Elie MacAdams is interning under Cayla Mackey, our University Initiative Director, to co-chair our 2016 Seed Summit. She graduated from the Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas and is now a Freshman at Brown University. In September of 2014, she started her own Social-Enterprise company calledChoose Something Good. Her website connects nonprofits with volunteers in the DFW area. Contact: kathryn_macadams@brown.edu

Staff- Arielle Schacter

Arielle Schacter

Arielle Schacter is a senior at Brown University concentrating in Political Science. She hails from New York City, but loves her new adopted state of Rhode Island. She previously has interned for Veris Wealth Partners, a sustainable wealth management firm, and for several politicians including Senator Gillibrand and Congresswoman Maloney. While she loves studying Political Science and Economics at college, she is at heart a true foodie and traveler. She is excited to join SE Greenhouse as an intern, helping with the Transformation project. A massive foodie, in her spare time, Arielle can be found cooking or trying new cuisines. She answers directly to Kelly Ramirez, CEO. Contact: schactera@gmail.com

Hailey Bathurst

Hailey Bathurst is interning under Isabella Cassell, Manager of Food & Health Venture Development. She is specifically helping with the upcoming launch of the first ever Social Enterprise Greenhouse Food Accelerator. Hailey graduated from Roger Williams University in May 2015 with a BS in Political Science and Legal Studies. She is getting involved with food sustainability and food policy because she believes everyone should have access to healthy, nutritious food despite income. Hailey is originally from rural Western Massachusetts where she gets her passions for hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and skiing. Contact: haileyliliana514@gmail.com


Simran Vazirani

Simran is a Master of Public Affairs candidate at Brown University, specializing in Organizational Management. She also earned her Bachelor of Arts from Brown, where she studied South Asian Studies and Applied Math. She became passionate about social enterprise through research projects on economic development and female empowerment, as well as an internship at Sakhi for South Asian Women, an organization that fights against domestic violence in the South Asian community. She has also been the Director of Business Development for Brown Student Agencies, which supports and funds student-driven entrepreneurial ventures at Brown. In her spare time, she enjoys composing and performing music, solving crossword puzzles and trying different types of tea. Simran is interning under Antonieta, the Chief Financial Officer. Contact: simran_vazirani@brown.edu


Joshua Reed

Joshua Reed is completing a for-credit internship under Emily Mooney, our Metrics and Development Manager.  He is majoring inBusiness Management with a concentration in International Studies as a senior at Roger Williams University, where he is also works as a tour guide and peer mentor. After graduation, he hopes to travel again, inspired by his experiences studying abroad in Florence.  In his spare time he enjoys making music, watching documentaries, playing disc golf, and hanging out with friends and family. He is deeply interested in drug education and mental health awareness. He is deeply interested in drug education and mental health awareness and hopes to address this issues as a social entrepreneur. Email: jreed-lepak645@g.rwu.edu


Katherine Lopez

Katherine Lopez is an intern with the Social Enterprise Greenhouse specializing in events and event planning. She works under Emily Mooney, our Metrics and Development Manager. Katherine is currently a Brown University student studying Public Health. Originally from the Bronx, she grew up in New York City, where she was ceaselessly exploring. Katherine serves as the program coordinator for the Learning Exchange, a program based out of Brown that teaches computer science and engineering to students in Rhode Island middles schools. Her interest in social enterprises arose in her search for a bridge between public health and economics. She hopes to one day develop a social enterprise of her own, particularly one that helps people mitigate health risks. Email: katherine_lopez@brown.edu


Delmis Medrano

Delmis is interning under Emily Mooney, Metrics and Impact Director. She is currently attending the Community College of Rhode Island where she is studying Business Management. Contact: delmismedrano@gmail.com

Learn more about the Social Enterprise Greenhouse internship program here.

Cayla Mackey
University Initiative Director

As the Social Enterprise Greenhouse University Initiative Director, Cayla helps college and university students get involved in social enterprise. The University Initiative is a program funded by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation Innovation Grant to retain students and recent graduates in Rhode Island through enabling them to work on and in social enterprises. Learn more about Cayla here or email cmackey@segreenhouse.org.