Inaugural Health and Wellness Accelerator Cohort

The Social Enterprise Greenhouse network is pleased to announce 8 promising New England-based health and wellness ventures in the first ever Health and Wellness Accelerator program. On December 8th, this cohort will celebrate the culmination of their 12week business development journey to bring their venture to the next level. RSVP for the graduation event here!

Be Highly Reliable makes healthcare delivery more successful and safer for everyone through transformative educational experiences that help translate High Reliability thinking, attitudes and actions into the healthcare context. 

Entrepreneur: Laurin Mooney

Crossfit Providence is one of the first CrossFit affiliates in New England and provides a comprehensive model for preventative health care, and peak fitness, while empowering our friends, family and community by our actions. 

Entrepreneur: Josh Bird

Exponential Intelligence employs a comprehensive approach to neural optimization. Using direct and pulsed low level currents through a comfortable device, (expi) can improve the quality of your physical skills, mental abilities, and emotional health.

Entrepreneur: Lachlan Franquemont

NE Distance is an athlete-in-residence fellowship program for post-collegiate track athletes.  The program partners with urban public middle schools to create and run youth cross country and track.

Entrepreneur: Katrina Spratford

Portela Soni Medical is innovating a stagnant urinary catheter industry to provide an infection reducing device and a therapeutic delivery system.

Entrepreneur: Francisco Portela

The Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition works to make bicycling safer, more comfortable, and more accessible throughout the state of Rhode Island. This is done through advocacy, events, and coordinating the efforts of partner organizations.

Entrepreneur: Alex Krogh-Grabbe

SimplaFYI expands the awareness of and access to, complementary and integrative health services to advance personal health, well-being and self-care.

Entrepreneur: Kathleen Repoli

Xperii is a software platform solving one of the largest problems for clinical and behavioral science, subject recruitment, by making it easy for individuals to participate in research studies.

Entrepreneur: Evan Ehrenberg and Sol Chen