Our Spring 2021 Incubator Cohort Graduates!

SEG is thrilled to congratulate the founders of 14 startups who graduated from our Spring 2021 Incubator on April 21. They presented their ventures, described how the SEG Incubator experience helped them, and shared where they hope to see their businesses in one year. After five weeks of work, they’re ready to launch, take steps toward growth, or pivot in a new direction!

Their ventures cover an inspiring range of mission and impact, including:

  • A nonprofit to provide support, guidance, and educational resources focused on social and emotional learning to parents and families who are going through court proceedings.
  • A biotech company that invented a “biovertical” system to stop organic pollution and produce sustainable resources.
  • A vegan fast food concept based on high quality, freshness, and sustainability and the artisanal Italian art of crafting fresh ravioli.
  • An app that lets users compare products’ environmental impact, earn rewards, buy offsets, and engage with a community while learning about the sustainability of their purchases.
  • A consulting firm that uses proprietary analytics and forecasting trends in sustainable energy generation.
  • A nonprofit, non-collecting contemporary art museum in Providence that exhibits the work of emerging and established artists.
  • A natural skincare company.
  • A venture that provides unique educational experiences in Virtual and Augmented Reality with prebuilt solutions tailored to suit all students and educators.
  • An inclusive space to help Veterans and folks from marginalized groups heal from trauma by providing inclusive spaces for post traumatic growth (PTG) and building community around creativity and connection.
  • Fitness and weight management lifestyle coaching that helps people learn the fundamentals of health and wellness and develop healthy choices.
  • A venture that produces and delivers socially impactful digital content via audio podcasts, utilizing the arts of oration, theater, and design coupled with digital technology to deliver responsible and factual stories and accounts.
  • A venture that helps families (re)connect with their Jewish roots and the important people in their lives, as well as to the greater global Jewish community through researching their family history.
  • Nutritional and therapeutic services through edible gardening practices, garden therapy, sustainable landscape design, and educational programs to offer concrete solutions to combat the climate crisis.
  • Interpretation and translation services to help overcome language barriers in documents and websites that prevent many communities from accessing resources that are available to them.

Congrats to Eric, Peter, Martina, Lydia, Léa, Lorena, Luke, Raymond, Natalie, Mel, Juan, Brooke, Stephanie, John, Yelena, Jessica, and Patrice. We also want to thank our network of expert coaches and instructors, who guided each of these ventures toward success!