We’re Partnering with Pangea, the Largest College Freelance Network

Adam Alpert is the CEO and Co-founder of an application called Pangea. It’s a platform that connects college student freelance talent to businesses. He’s also an SEG Impact Accelerator alum and now an official SEG partner! 

We are partnering with Pangea to offer SEG ecosystem members a $100 reimbursement when they use the Pangea platform to hire college talent. Pangea is a space for college students to find paid passion projects to take their education outside of the classroom. Further, it serves as a space for startups to find incredible talent and invest in a student’s potential. We’re ecstatic about this partnership. It will make hiring talent more accessible for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the SEG ecosystem. Click here to access the typeform specifically created for those affiliated with SEG and get started finding college talent.

“Since participating in the SEG Impact Accelerator in 2018, our team has consistently leveraged college talent to help us build and grow our product – a college freelancing marketplace now live on more than 1,500 campuses. We’re thrilled to partner with the SEG community to help more entrepreneurs access an affordable yet capable talent pool here in Rhode Island and across the country. With Pangea.app, SEG community members will get $100 of free work completed for them by a college freelancer of their choosing in anything from design, to engineering, to marketing and content creation,” said Adam. 

Using the Pangea Platform
The Pangea Team, 6 Individuals standing in an open office space.
Pangea Team

Pangea, named after the landmass that existed during the Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, connects employers with freelancers. As an employer, you sign up with your name and email address. Then you select what kind of talent you are seeking. The job will be posted on the app to connect you with talent among 1,500 college campuses across the US and Canada. Once you select the talent you want to hire, you can create an in-app contract. It will confirm the pay, hours, and any other details so you can pay the freelancer directly through the application via Stripe. Read the guide for more details.

Rachael Brady | Communications Manager