Liz Connell

Liz Connell – Communications Manager She/Her/Hers Liz holds a Bachelors in Communications from the University of Rhode Island and a Masters of Social Work from Rhode Island College. As a … Read More

Serena Manna

Serena Manna – Community Engagement Manager She/Her/Hers Serena loves small business development and understanding how a company’s message aligns with their practices. With a background in international business and entrepreneurship, … Read More

Beatrice Mondestil

Beatrice Mondestil – Senior Marketing and Communications Manager she/her/hers Beatrice is passionate about bridging the gap and creating positive impacts in the community. She is a URI graduate who cultivated … Read More

Constance Ferber 

Constance Ferber – Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development she/her/hers Constance Ferber comes to SEG with a background in nonprofit capacity building and knowledge management. At SEG she leads … Read More