Q & A with Paula Cunanan, SEG’s Inclusivity Initiative Manager

Paula Cunanan started this week as SEG’s Inclusivity Initiative Manager. She’s no stranger to social enterprise, as she previously served as SEG’s Communications and Hub Manager! We decided to do a Q and A to re-introduce her to the community, and to provide a preview of the exciting work she will be tackling. Welcome back, Paula!

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What is one fun fact about yourself?

I think most people at SEG already know this but I like to bake. I’m a baker, and in the future I hope to have my own café/bake shop. Now [my idea is] a little different since I just got back from Europe and had the chance to work with different farms. It’s now going to be a café/bake shop with a farm right in the back yard in order to really utilize the idea of farm to table!

What are you looking for in your new position at SEG?

My new position at SEG is the Inclusivity Initiative Manager. I’m most excited about getting into the community to find ways that SEG can support workforce development organizations, as well as engaging populations from different backgrounds. As someone who has grown up in Providence, this city has a special place in my heart. Being able to get to know it on this level is a great opportunity and a great learning experience for me this year.

What initially sparked your interest in SEG?

I actually worked at SEG as an Americorps VISTA a year ago. I was the Communications/SEG Hub Manager. That position provided me with a lot of growth both professionally and personally. I’m more confident in myself and my work because of the support that SEG has given me. I was a little bummed that I had to leave but I am so excited to be coming back with a position that I feel fits my interests more.

What does our saying “Do Well, Do Good” mean to you?

When I first started SEG I knew nothing about the “Do Well” aspect of business. I didn’t really have that strong business background. I graduated with Sociology and Peace and Conflict studies, and that took care of the “Do Good’ aspect and giving back. I think this idea of “Do Well Do Good” means businesses who are providing a new level of help to populations that are forgotten. Being able to see that here in Rhode Island and in Providence specifically is great because it’s such a small city that is capable of growth and greatness.


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