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Chef Kaitlyn Roberts of Easy Entertaining: Making a difference in Rhode Island with local food

By Jinjuta Teeraratananukulchai, MBA Candidate at the University of Rhode Island July 23, 2016 If you have ever attended a Social Enterprise Greenhouse event and found yourself eating delicious food, it was probably provided by Easy Entertaining, and for good reason. Easy Entertaining was founded by Chef Kaitlyn Roberts (pictured above), who has been delighting[…..]

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Dessert With Purpose: Mike’s Ice

By: Naz Akyol June 24, 2016 Three years ago, active duty airman Michael Gnoato lost his life in a fatal car accident in Wyoming. Major Pettaway, a Marine who knew Mikey since high school, missed the funeral because he was deployed in Afghanistan at the time, but Navy Seabee Sadam Salas was there to speak[…..]

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