Our New University Initiative

Social Enterprise Greenhouse is Awarded the Blackstone Charitable Foundation Innovation Grant
By: Cayla Mackey
June 25, 2015

Social Enterprise Greenhouse is excited to announce the re-launch of our University Initiative. Through support from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation Innovation Grant, we are redoubling our efforts to engage local college and university students in social enterprise.

In February, 2015, Social Enterprise Greenhouse was awarded a $200K grant with Founders League to accelerate entrepreneurship in Rhode Island. Read Senator Whitehouse’s press release on the subject here. 

Formerly known as SEG University, the University Initiative includes ongoing and new efforts to connect students to local opportunities to get involved in the social enterprise ecosystem. Social Enterprise Greenhouse is working with Founders League on several actions, including the upcoming naming of the first cohort of Changemaker Fellows, the formation of the Changemaker Council, and the launch of a Changemaker Fair.

The Changemaker Fellowship is available to a selected student leader on each of the 11 Rhode Island college and university campuses. These Changemaker Fellows will work together to enhance entrepreneurial opportunities on their campuses, and bridge the gaps between campuses and the community.

The Changemaker Council is a consortium of invited faculty and staff from Rhode Island colleges and universities who are leaders in bringing entrepreneurial opportunities to students. Through quarterly meetings, the Council will serve as a meeting of the minds and a sounding board for coordinated efforts to engage students in entrepreneurship and the community.

The Changemaker Fair is a state-wide job and internship fair open to all students, linking students and recent graduates to local opportunities in entrepreneurship.

In addition to the above, Social Enterprise Greenhouse will also be developing a talent retainment program to match students with internship and job opportunities in our portfolio of social ventures. We are excited to enhance our efforts to grow the local social enterprise ecosystem in the above ways with the continued support of the community.

Read more about our ventures started and run by college students and recent graduates here.

Cayla Mackey
University Initiative Director

As the Social Enterprise Greenhouse University Initiative Director, Cayla helps college and university students get involved in social enterprise. The University Initiative is a program funded by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation Innovation Grant to retain students and recent graduates in Rhode Island through enabling them to work on and in social enterprises. Learn more about Cayla here.

Contact: cmackey@segreenhouse.org