Asthenis is a public health information hub with a built-in pharmacy located within the Wiggin Village affordable housing complex in Providence. Through its 501c3 project named Melior, Asthenis aims to expand its existing public health initiatives. Federal and local governments seek help addressing preexisting health equity gaps in our communities; however, they cannot facilitate the delivery of these initiatives without the help of a local community-based organization. Each year, outside organizations are awarded grants to work on local public health initiatives, however many lack the community connection and efficiency that Asthenis has proven to deliver in Rhode Island. This results in programs that struggle to reach the intended audience and planned impact.

Through Melior, Asthenis will serve as a community-based organization that can quickly operationalize public health initiatives in underserved communities. Melior expects to reach tens of thousands of members from our hardest hit communities by leveraging Asthenis’ established community trust and operational efficiency. Melior’s mission is to help mitigate gaps in equity by operationalizing public health initiatives.