Gnome Surf Therapy


Gnome Surf is a nonprofit surf therapy Organization focused on creating a culture shift towards inclusion, diversity, equality, and acceptance for all kids of all abilities. Gnome are evidence based and driven by research with unrivaled outcomes. Over 98% of their Athletes are feeling happier and over 93% more self confident. Gnome Surf empowers its Athletes to believe in themselves, teaches them to overcome fears, and build lifelong friendships. In addition, they engage typical youth and developing young leaders as their paid surf instructors paving the way for a kinder more accepting community for all. Gnome Surf offers a safe space for their Athletes to express themselves, believe in themselves, build support networks and friendships, and a community where they are encouraged to achieve their every dream.

Gnome Surf’s innovation idea will provide a vital space to improve their Athletes’ physical and mental health as well as their emotional well being, in a truly unique camp ground where every offering uniquely caters to their sensory needs where they and their families can build a support network, memories, and lifelong friendships. It will address a gap in today’s society by creating an accessible safe space where they can come and focus on their physical, mental, and emotional wellness.