David Bradley

David Bradley | Managing Director – The Bradley Business Group David Bradley is an author and consultant with expertise in helping companies communicate with their customers via digital, mobile and … Read More

Vanessa (Boynton) Taylor

Vanessa (Boynton) Taylor | Account Manager – Matter Now Public relations first captured my attention as a teenager. I’ve spent every year in the decades since pursuing any avenue that … Read More

Todd Blount

Todd Blount | President & CEO – Blount Fine Foods Todd serves as President and CEO of Blount Fine Foods, a 5th generation company headquartered in Fall River, MA, with … Read More

Josh Bloom

Josh Bloom | Manager, Assurance Services – Marcum, LLP I am an assurance manager out of the Providence, RI office of Marcum LLP, focusing on Food, Beverage, and Healthcare clients. … Read More

Jim Berson

Jim Berson | Non Profit Management Consultant – Fio Partners, LLC Jim Berson has served in leadership roles at some of Rhode Island’s most respected non-profit organizations for nearly 25 … Read More

John Bennett

John Bennett | Nevo Technologies John has been building and leading software development teams for over 20 years. He is currently Managing Director at Thoughtcap, a boutique consultancy based in … Read More

Kathy Bendheim

Kathy Bendheim | Consultant – Impact for Education Kathy Bendheim has a strong analytical and organizational development background that she uses to address social and educational issues. Her early career … Read More

Kathleen Bellicchi

Kathleen Bellicchi |  Owner/Founder – Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti If you’re looking for a professional leadership and organizational development wizard (and trainer!), look no further. Over 30 years of experience — … Read More

Ashley Belanger

Ashley Belanger | Owner & Principal – Sparkplug Fundraising problems aren’t usually [just] fundraising problems. Fix your strategy, your governance, your operations, your ethos…and fix your fundraising. Ashley is a … Read More

Allison Bebee

Allison Bebee | Idea Community Allison Bebee has worked as a Packaging Engineer at Ocean Spray Cranberries for the past 8 years, obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester … Read More