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Q+A con Laurilim Rosado Martinez y Olga Mendoza de Mujeres Positivas

A principios de este mes, nos conectamos virtualmente con las fundadoras de Mujeres Positivas, Laurilim Rosado Martinez y Olga Mendoza, ubicado en Central Falls. Trabajan con la ciudad de Central Falls y los socios locales de atención médica para desarrollar recursos de atención médica preventiva disponibles para pacientes con cáncer y sobrevivientes. Desde COVID-19, han[…..]

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Q+A with Sandra Enos of Giving Beyond the Box 

Meet Sandra Enos, the creator of Giving Beyond the Box. As a recently retired sociology professor, and participant of both the SEG Incubator in 2019 and now our 2020 Impact Accelerator, Sandra knows the value of teachable moments. Describing what she now calls her doable moments, she shared with us what it’s been like to[…..]

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Q+A with Ana Duque of Green Tenderfoot 

In the beginning of March we sat down with SEG Incubator graduate Ana Duque of the zero-waste pop-up shop Green Tenderfoot. A native of Pawtucket, Ana was a vendor at SEG’s 2019 Buy with Heart Marketplace and continues to show up for the community by helping consumers shop cleaner. When COVID-19 hit, Ana mobilized her[…..]

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Q+A with the Partners of Feast & Fettle: Maggie Mulvena Pearson, Nikki Oliveira + Carlos Ventura

While completing her Culinary Nutrition program at Johnson & Wales University, Maggie Mulvena Pearson worked as a personal chef. Having the idea to cook personal meals for more families, she recruited her high-school best friend, brought on a strategic business partner, and started her meal delivery service, Feast & Fettle. Making customer service their specialty,[…..]

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Q+A with Michael Silva of BĀS

Two years ago Michael Silva started BĀS, a specialty cocktail service based out of Providence. As a teacher by day Michael pays attention to how spaces make people feel. After experiencing the cocktail culture in both Providence and New York, he wanted to create events that mixed love for others and a respect for the[…..]

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Q&A with Karen Mejias of Mindful Maia

For the past two years Karen Mejias has been the creative director of Mindful Maia, an organically sourced juice & tea truck based out of RI. Having graduated from art school in San Francisco, Karen wanted to bring the positive and creative energy she found on the West Coast back home, where she strives to[…..]

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Q&A with Becky Morris of Celebrated

At the age of  18, Becky Morris wrote in her journal that her life’s goal was to be her own boss. A freshman in college at the time, she didn’t know exactly how she was going to get there, but her persistence in achieving this goal never wavered. In November 2017, a little over a[…..]

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Making Smiles for Miles with K’s Kustom’s Ride Ons

December 17 2018 Partners in both life and business, Josh Mello and Rachel Ware are a business team extraordinaire. United by their love for the environment and passion for entrepreneurship, they’ve been building K’s Kustom’s Ride Ons together since 2016. The K in K’s Kustom is inspired by the business’ 9-year old president, Mello’s daughter, Karissa.[…..]

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Healing through Music with Hands in Harmony

November 13, 2018 Like most, Nicole O’Malley had no idea what she wanted her future career to look like when she was young. When her band teacher asked the class to combine two of their passions to imagine their dream job, she chose teaching and music. These two passions ultimately led her to a career[…..]

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Putting the Patient First with Asthenis Pharmacy

October 15, 2018 Walking into Asthenis, one is immediately struck by the beauty of the facility. The vibrant purple and green logo grabs your attention, and the modern decor makes the pharmacy unique and inviting. The owner of Asthenis, Dr. Eugenio Fernandez Jr., established the pharmacy just blocks away from where he grew up in[…..]

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